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Bruce K.

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2024 Apr 23
This is not really a Supercenter as it doesn't have a full grocery section. There's a lot here but not nearly as much as you'll find in a Supercenter. Yes, the soft goods, electronics, sporting goods and kitchen departments are here. It's mostly just the food section that's much smaller.

This Walmart tolerates overnight parking in their parking lot. This was helpful as I'm in my RV and driving to Texas this week. So I popped into the store, checked out a few supplies, used the restroom and then was on my way before they opened in the morning.
I walked in at 8:05 PM and had a cold beer in front of me by 8:10 PM. It was warm enough in late February that I was sitting outside and quite comfortable. Great service and I was recommended the "Kiwi Burger" which seemed interesting. I've have had a burger with a fried egg but this time they also add a slice of beetroot. That was interesting. It wasn't bad, I just don't know that I would have it again.

Very messy, I managed to get two bites before it collapsed. After that, it was knife and fork and still delicious. Good beef and the bun was also delicious.
It's a huge store that is packed full of Central and South American and Asian foods. And yes, other stuff that isn't. You'll find soups and chips and produce and meats and frozen.

It could be a bit better organized and the checkout is definitely slow. I'd tell you now to put your stuff on the checkout belt until you're sure that the customer in front of you is all set. Ten minutes of arguing with the cashier over using the card in her Apple Pay. Oy vey.
Philips Museum
2024 Feb 10
The museum tells the story of the Philips company from its founding in 1891 by Gerard and Frederik Philips through to the present day where it's known for medical equipment, consumer electronics and home appliances and yes, light bulbs.

Lots to see and movies to watch, most of it in Dutch with English captions. So much history of this massive conglomerate company! There is of course a gift shop and I picked up a new fridge magnet.
2024 Feb 09
I went a little crazy and ate waaaaaay too much but is it my fault that it was all fresh and delicious? It helped that today was a travel day and I had not had much to eat since starting the journey at Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof ten hours earlier. Service at Fuso was excellent, friendly and the next plates arrived very quickly.

Nigiri, maki, temaki sushi. All-you-can-eat. Just mark the card and a waitress takes it back to the kitchen. I had salmon and tuna and tamago and mackerel and gyoza and miso soup and shrimp and too many more. Everything was fresh and delicious and presented nicely.

I would totally enjoy this again.