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Benedict Uy

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Westfield Manukau
2024 Jan 13
Quite a nice mall with most things that you need. There is a cinema on one end and Countdown on the other. There is also the ASB side of the mall and the foodcourt area. Each place has carparks nearby so there is usually plenty of parks if you know where to look.
Lots ot shops and a nice place to wander if you're shopping.
Ambury Farm
2024 Jan 09
Quite a nice farm away from the city. They have a nice range of animals and it is free to walk around the area to look at them. The carpark is decently sized and there is an information shed by the road. The farm does cover a large area so you are able to walk around to enjoy the countryside. They do have a shearing and milking shed so there are probably timed shows for them. There is also a campground nearby.
It was a nice place to walk around with kids since the large numbers and variety of animals are quite interesting. The older ones can also be taken to the longer walks around the area.
Steamer Wharf
2023 Nov 11
The Steamer Wharf is a common sight in Queenstown. It is located by Earnslaw Park by the lake. The building houses quite a few restaurants and bars so it is usually quite busy. It is a good place to find somewhere to rest up. Finz is a great seafood restaurant inside. There is also an ice bar inside here.
There are also lights on the roof which they turn on at night for an interesting ambience. Even if you aren't looking for a place to eat, this place is quite nice to walk through, or around since the lake side is quite nice and there are a few seats by the wharf.
2023 Jun 28
Simya is one of the many Korean restaurants in the area. This one has a small section of off-street parking in front of the restaurant. There are also other places in the area so parking could get quite busy and full. The restaurant does look a bit small but it has a fair number of tables.
The menu has a large selection of Korean dishes. We grabbed the mixed boneless chicken, beef bulgogi soup, butter cheese corn and the spicy pork and octopus. The bulgogi and the pork and octopus were cooked at the table. All the dishes were really tasty. It was a nice place to sit, chat and eat since it didn't get too noisy.
World Square
2023 Jun 14
We stopped by just to look around since we were in the area. The square has a series of restaurants and shops lining the edges of the square. We did look around at the restaurants around including up the stairs but didn't go anywhere since we had just had lunch. It was an interesting stop particularly with the interesting sculpture around the central area.