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Marin “SayanMk” Kolev

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2023 Dec 21
Fav. shop for themed clothes
Statue of Anonymous
2023 Nov 13
Creepy as it gets, it is just as awesome, this monument. The way it's situated and the pose he strikes emits power. Really liked it
Statue of Imre Nagy
2023 Nov 13
One of the not so annotated gems in Pest, the very photogenic bridge gives for perfect sunset photos and is an awesome addition on the road to the island and beautiful bride right next to it.
Well, yes, totally worth it. Especially at night, I suggest you look for dock 5 and take the circle tour that now costs 1500huf/4€, and view the parliament building from the waterfront. Really amazing. It's looking awesome form every angle actually... Didn't have time to go in, but the outside is stunning enough.
Not worth the visit by itself but still worth passing by if you're hiking or coming down from the citadel. It's a good sculpture no doubt, but the place is just a pass-by-stop.and there's nothing else there.