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Marin “SayanMk” Kolev

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2023 Dec 21
Fav. shop for themed clothes
The 757 greenline takes you directly to Victoria station and the return ticket can be used with whichever bus you want. The schedule is just there for orientation, you don't buy a ticket for a particular hour, you can get whichever. With the arriva app you can buy and activate it just before boarding the bus. The trip can take about an hour or a lot more if traffic is heavy/afternoon. Give yourself time. Also, consider catching it at an earlier stop somewhere and get to Buckingham on foot
Loved the eagle 🦅, but behind it there's more artwork that deserves attention. The cravings are very affectionate
Statue of Anonymous
2023 Nov 13
Creepy as it gets, it is just as awesome, this monument. The way it's situated and the pose he strikes emits power. Really liked it
Statue of Imre Nagy
2023 Nov 13
One of the not so annotated gems in Pest, the very photogenic bridge gives for perfect sunset photos and is an awesome addition on the road to the island and beautiful bride right next to it.