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New Variety Cafeteria
2023 Oct 04
The fresh milk tea was superb.
Masjid Al Ghamamah
2023 Sep 28
This Mosque is loved for bringing rain when the Prophet Muhammad PBUH prayed Salatul Istisqa.

This is also known for the place where Janazah prayer, was offered for the King of Abasynia, Najashi.

Eid prayers were offered here by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
Fresh Samovar tea is not good
Zamzam Well
2023 Sep 07
Zamzam water is the most blessed water on Earth. Anyone drinking this water will be cured of any disease. It's a miracle, a clear sign of Islam.
Quba Walkway Start
2023 Sep 06
The start of the Quba walkway till the Quba Masjid is 3km. The first landmark is the Clock Tower. As you walk further down you will see the Msjid Jummah. At the end of the promenade, you'll arrive at Masjid Quba.