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Sebastian Sinisterra (CitySeby)

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A nice public plaza that's open 24/7.
Montrose Av
2018 Sep 28
Fairly clean and well lit. There's huge 3 panel ad screens on both platforms.
Morgan Av
2018 Sep 28
Clean platforms and frequent train service. The little brick entrance looks cool.
Wyandanch Plaza
2018 Sep 12
The water-dancing thing looks cool, and the wooden seating areas look great. Vibrant Green shrubs and trees line the plaza. The restrooms were closed, but I assume they look nice as well. Watch out for panhandlers.
86 St
2017 Sep 18
The renovated platform looks nice, but the issue from before- which is constant bird poop plopping on to the southern half of the station, still persists. Hopefully before the other half of the rebuild is done in 2018, they will install spikes inside the support beams over the platforms.