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I was unexpectedly impressed by this site, both by its size and the distance of the trail (over a mile across from end to end, and that is not just the over-water portion). I'd known of its existence for a long time, and I recall the buzz around its opening. My wife had wanted to visit for years but it was always a bit out of the way. We really enjoyed it and spent a good two hours walking across and back again (we parked on the Poughkeepsie side). And I very much enjoyed the views of the the distant Catskills to the north as well as those of Bear Mountain and The Hudson Highlands. As an amateur historian I also found the interpretive signs wonderful, which told the story of the bridge's origins as a railroad bridge, the first of its kind across the Hudson. Well worth the visit.
The most balanced, inclusive, local history museum I've yet visited. I have to say that I've visited Yonkers and the facade of the Philipse Manor Hall many times as a kayak guide out of midtown Manhattan, but over the winter holidays decided to bring the family by train (Metro North out of Grand Central) and pay it a longer visit.

As a lifelong history buff, I've visited hundreds of such museums in dozens of states since I was a kid (I just turned 55, so...) and this one---recently renovated and re-opened I'm told---includes not just the land-usurping founding family but the enslaved people and First Peoples as much as is possible in equal measure.

The stories of the Munsee Lunape (Lenape) and the many Africans (most of west-African extraction) are told side-by-side with that of the Dutch that arrived in the 16th century. It is a fascinating, tragic, intertwined story that adults and kids should see. Static artifacts and displays are mixed with video, audio (hear words in Lenape and an African dialect), touch (a cured beaver pelt for example) and even the smells of some of the product produced here.

Lisbeth, our guide gave a wonderful presentation, even opening the front half-door (apologies, I've forgotten the Dutch name for it Lisbeth!) and allowing us to imagine the view the Philipses had, and education coordinator John F. was a font of additional information. Kudos to all of you. Keep up the great work!
Urban Hawker
2023 Sep 04
My wife read about this amazing Singaporean style food hall that is, supposedly, the first of its kind in the US. My daughter wanted to go because of the Singaporean food hall that made up one of the scenes in the film Crazy Rich Asians. We enjoyed it, very clean, LOTS of great food choices, very enthusiastic owners, managers and staff at both the food court and the individual providers---and---which, is important to me, an attempt at providing full recycling and composting, separating paper, plastics, food scraps and trash. Now, a lot of New Yorkers are not patient enough to do it but it is a great start and hopefully the Urban Hawker management will figure out a way (it may take biting the bullet and having some staffers standing at the barrels) to educated the customers. Great place!
Han Dynasty
2023 Aug 31
Enjoyed this with the family for an early lunch while down at NYU. I like mapo tofu and this was hot but good, they had crab rangoon as a special (I know it is an invention for Westerners and not authentic but it is different and I like it). Also had good chicken potstickers, and got some chicken lo mein as takeout for later, which was also good. A comfy, homey, laid back, casual neighborhood restaurant.
2023 Aug 01
We had our last---and very enjoyable---meal in Prague here prior to returning to the States. Fun atmosphere, pleasant staff and good service. The pizzas a few of us had were wonderful (I especially enjoyed my Napoli) as was the pasta and starters (the baratta was exceptional). Italian-loving Americans will feel right at home.