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Coit Tower
2023 Oct 25
If you’re visiting San Francisco and can handle a hard walk to and up the tower, I recommend this is a great place to see some spectacular sights. The elevator was out of commission so I had to walk up the tower. I also walked to the tower so by the time I got to the top I looked like a sweaty farm animal, LOL. The price is $10 to get to the top which seemed reasonable. Plus I wasn’t going to turn around now.

However, the views are awesome! You can see all around the bay and into the city. Some of the glass views are dirty, but overall it was okay. I recommend visiting this tourist attraction the next time you get to San Francisco.
2023 Oct 15
I had an errand to make so decided to take a walk and along the way I bumped into this little gem. I walked in and only 3 other people in the restaurant so immediately thought something was wrong with this place. I asked the Server how it worked and basically it’s counter order and they deliver to your table.

I ordered the Chicken Parmigiana sandwich, side of fries, and a coke. I have to say this was probably one of the best Chicken Parm sandwiches I’ve ever had. Just the perfect crunch, sauce, and bread. The fries were nice and hot and the coke was in a can, but they brought a glass with ice.

Just goes to show you that sometimes just picking the place a little different and along the way can end up being a gem.
Regal Gallery Place
2023 Aug 29
I’m a movie guy so when I was in DC and saw there was a Regal I had to go see a couple shows. Overall it’s a grand theater in the middle of Chinatown. There’s a metro right on the corner so easy access from anywhere in the city. They are obviously post-covid operating as the tickets are sold at the concession stand.

I bought my tickets online so I was able to skip the line for one of the movies. However, I did want to get snacks for a different show and I was inline behind everyone buying tickets. Thankfully someone opened a second line and I was able to pop right over. The seats were a little worn, but still comfortable. They were reclining seats which I really enjoy.

Overall a nice theater and a total recommendation if you’re a movie buff like me.
Brooklyn Bridge
2023 Aug 16
So what can you say about the Brooklyn Bridge! It’s such a historic place and the sites were amazing. This was the first time I actually took the time to talk across. A totally recommend if you have the time and the sunscreen. Such a great day and enjoyed it immensely.
Panera Bread
2021 Apr 17
I’m staying near this Panera and been there 3 times. Their new Baja Chicken Bowl is great! The order process inside is easy with the new kiosks. They always got my order perfect and the employees are always super nice saying ‘hello’ each time I walk in the door.