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Tiffany Dawson

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This is the best museum in the city. We could spend all day here. It’s an easy 5 hours.
It’s incredible to be surrounded but such beautiful art and history from all over the world. Being surrounded by Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Monet, Manet and so many more is simply magical.
Stepping into the statues and monuments from Egypt and Rome is breathtaking.
To note as well, the security line is efficient and the restaurant serves actual food. Best experience in the city!
Super awesome museum. We had an amazing day on-site. Really fun and interesting exhibits with an awesome application to help you get around. “Then why are you only giving it 3 stars?”
Here’s why:
1) the security line being the same for same day ticket buyers as city pass holders and advanced tickets buyers makes zero sense in my opinion. Why did I take the time to buy in advance AND also spend a pretty penny on all the extra exhibits online (sharks, invisible worlds, world beyond earth) only to not be able to make it on time because the wait to get in through security was 45 minutes?
2) none of the water fountains were functional!
3) as none of the water fountains were functional we had to spend 5$ per person per bottle of water. Not only that but the food was horrendous and overpriced and no food was allowed to be brought in.
Where I am from families have accessibility to full days in a museum because they can pack their own food from home and consume it in dedicated areas. Who can afford a 15$ sandwich that looks how mine does in the attached photo?
For the price you pay to get in, the cost of food, the sales in gift shops who then ask for donations there honestly is no reason for everything to be as pricey as it is. Not worth it with all of the additions when this could otherwise be a 5 star attraction.
Dapper Coffee Co
2020 Feb 09
The best coffee.

The 👏 best 👏 coffee👏.

All of us were in from all over the world, and it’s very rare to have coffee as good as this consistently. Honestly. Beautifully made every time.

The omelette was also one of the best I’d ever had. The consistency of the egg wasn’t perfect but the flavours were unreal! I had the mushroom, bacon and cheese and from my first bite i was so surprised!

The atmosphere is really cool with the cars, making for an experience unlike anywhere else.

Let them know if you’re in a rush in any way and they will accommodate. They are not stressed and have such a chill vibe so if you’re a little high strung you might feel frustrated with the relaxed service.

I personally loved it! Go there. Do it!