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I saw Hamilton and the show was fabulous!!! I highly recommend it to anyone that likes musicals or anyone interested in history!

However, the seats are narrow with very little leg room. In addition, there was only one men's and one women's bathroom which led to a Ludacrisly long line...

With that, the theater was beautiful! The show was amazing! And the tight space was well worth it!
My 2 night 3 day stay was fabulous! Pretty much the whole staff was polite and welcoming! The location was amazing if you want to watch a few shows.

My only complaint was the room itself. I understand that because of the location the room had to be small, but the sheets were pretty used (clean) but very worn and should probably be replaced. And the amenities were quite limited.

That said, I believe I had one of the least expensive rooms available (about 450 a night with fees) and they did have a wonderful lounge. In the lounge they had free drinks and snacks which made me happy! They offered wine, which I did not try. They had a coffee maker, and a loaded fridge. The fridge held veggies and sometimes fruit cups along with cold sodas and water.

The room also included a complimentary breakfast. This was not an international breakfast, this was a full buffet. One day we had waffles, and bacon and so much more. The next we had pancakes and hash browns and so much more. I was very full after both meals!

I would highly recommend this hotel if you are celebrating a special occasion or are just visiting Broadway and want a convenient location.
This is a great place to visit! It is even better if you have kids! I purchased tickets ahead of time because every sign said we needed to, but you don't need to and I ran into some issues so I would recommend not buying tickets ahead of time.