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Statue of Imre Nagy
2024 Jan 01
Imre Nagy, 1896 -1958 was a Hungarian communist politician who served as President of the Council of Ministers of the Hungarian People's Republic from 1953 to 1955. In 1956, Nagy became the leader of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution against the Soviet-backed government, for which he was sentenced to death and executed two years later. I was at the monument on the bridge at night, and yet this important man impressed me with his stoicism.
Leaning Tower of Pisa
2023 Nov 14
My family and I visited the famous Leaning Tower twice while wandering around Italy. We were lucky with the weather. The leaning tower is the bell tower of the northern part of the old part of the city. It is the third oldest building on the city's Cathedral square, after the cathedral and baptistery in Pisa.
It is very beautifully made, and it is world famous mainly because of its unnatural position. The authorities have already invested a lot of resources to prevent the tower from tilting even more. There is an entrance fee.
Piazza del Duomo
2023 Nov 14
While wandering around Italy, my family and I also visited the Square of Miracles, officially known as the Cathedral Square, twice. The square is known as the center of European medieval art and is one of the most beautiful architectural spaces in Europe and the world.
Scaliger Tombs
2023 Nov 01
The Scaliger Tombs are a group of five Gothic tombstones in They house members of the Scaliger family, which ruled Verona from the 13th to the late 14th century. The tombs are located in front of the church of Santa Maria Antica.
When my wife and I visited Berlin, we walked around the Memorial Church of Emperor William. It is an evangelical church. German Emperor William II. ordered the construction in honor of his grandfather Vilje I.
It was badly damaged during the Second World War. Inside, the acoustics are exceptional and the organ is playing. Wonderful atmosphere.