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The church was built in the early 19th century and has recently been renovated fully. There is a big courtyard, monks, chambers, and the chapel for worship. In order to access the monastery, you need to do a little bit of hiking, so go there prepared with proper footwear. There is, unfortunately, not much English description of the area and the things inside.
2024 Feb 01
This church is also known as the hidden church, the place of worship for the Catholic women who created a community in Begijnhof.
This house is claimed to be the oldest standing House in Amsterdam whose date of construction goes far back to the 15th century. It is not accessible and you can just visit it from outside. The black façade makes it stand out among the other houses.
On the street, which is named after this church, you can find the church that is open to the public free of charge to visit and admire the majestic interior.
Arg Hotel
2024 Jan 14
I stayed I Arg Hotel for three nights and the experience was very nice. The staff are very friendly and polite and the rooms are of decent size. Most of the rooms have twin beds. The amenities are fine, and the shower was the best since the pressure of the water was very fine for a pleasant shower in winter. The breakfast was just fine for a hotel of this size and standard.

Having said the above, there are certain things that need to improve. The room cleaning service is available only till 12:00 pm, so if you want the room to be cleaned in the afternoon, you need to wait till the next morning. I also had an issue with the safety deposit box, which was not resolved on the spot at the night I arrived, and I had to wait till the next morning, raise it again, and have it resolved.