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Urban Coffee House
2024 Jan 03
Urban Coffee House surprised us. Near the Westlake Orca Station, it was one of the few coffee shops open before 7:30 a.m. on a Tuesday. The inside isn't impressive (it's not well designed), but don't overlook it. My wife and I loved our latte. They were strong, creamy, and perfect to start the day. Service was efficient and friendly.
2023 Dec 28
I had high hopes and was let down. First of all, the wait took awhile- 25 minutes to get a single hot dog. The waygu dog was overcooked and the flavors muted. I’ll need to go back to give them another go.
Often said to be one of the most beautiful libraries in the country, it's worth a visit. Paid street parking is easy to find nearby. Open during the day every day except Friday and Saturday, walk inside. When you see the check-in area, go left for a little exhibit space and the door to the library. It's very large with stunning design. You can't go up any stairs so stay on the ground floor, keeping quiet out of respect to the people studying.
Papago Park
2023 Nov 27
For a beautiful, yet family-friendly hike, head to Papago Park. There's a large parking lot with information boards and drinking fountains nearby. Then follow the path to the rocks great for climbing. My wife, six-year-old daughter and I loved the short hike and scramble up the rocks for a beautiful view of the area.
Florida House
2023 Oct 25
Neighbors know the Florida House on National Orange Juice Day (May 4th of each year). Free orange juice is handed out to anyone who passes.

Floridians may know the Florida House as a place where all Floridians are welcome and a place that champions the state.

Locals may know the Florida House as the only state embassy in the country. Other states have tried, but all lack the three things- being non-partisan, lacking state funding, and having a prime location.

Inside an 1891 rowhouse built by the former Library of Congress architect, the house later became a boarding house and the private residence of a U.S. senator.

For 50 years, the house is Florida's embassy. Hosting events open to the public, there's an art gallery, gift shop, and lots of information about Florida inside. On the top floor (the location of a scene in a Chevy Chase movie) is a beautiful view of the U.S. Capitol.

In the garden outside are benches, a fountain, and a Romero Britto sculpture.