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An old but functional domestic airport that can be considered the hub of all domestic flights in Iran. The airport basically has two large parts, of which terminals one and two account for the daily and busiest flight routes. There are six terminals at this airport.

I have mostly flown from Terminal 2. There is plenty of seating in the lounge on both the arrival and departure side of this terminal.
ARG Shopping Mall
2024 Mar 06
This is a fairly high end mall. The exterior is made of glass with changing light color during the nights. The interior is quite modern with lifts and escalators. There are also many parking spaces and a car wash. It is clean and quite upscale mall in Tajrish quarter.
One of the oldest Bazaar in Tehran. I usually get relax and go around I hours and enjoy the smells of fruits and vegetables as well as all the colorful stores selling almost everything one might need home. Great place and one of the must see places in Tehran.
A large, spacious and lavish library in the heart of the large shopping center Iran Mall. The interior of the library is in dark red wood with green sofas, which is reminiscent of English coloring. The slightly subdued lighting comes from ceiling lamps designed in the typical Persian tulip style. Most of the books I saw related to Islam.
Saedinia Cafe
2024 Feb 16
A traditional but modernized cafe and pasteria from the town of Gom with long experience from the banschen. Packaging and design and interior as well as service are modernized and give an exclusive feeling. Very popular and well visited place.