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Visit Vicksburg
2024 Mar 10
The Visit Vicksburg tourist information center on Clay Street is great. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. There is also a great passport program which is free. They gave us a small book with a list of participating museums. We visited and had them stamp the book. We returned the books to Visit Vicksburg, with five stamps in each and got two free Tee shirts.
While the Vicksburg National Military Park rates five plus, the Park Welcome Center gets a four which is generous. They have interesting displays but the personnel seem to lack interest in welcoming anyone. This is a shame because once we got past them the park was wonderful and luckily can be self guided.
The exhibition of the USS Cairo Gunboat and Museum is very spectacular. The boat is remarkably well preserved considering the time it spent under water. Being able to see and actually walk onto this piece of history is really impressive. The museum is also loaded with personal effects of the men who served on the ship. This is an exhibition I think almost anyone would appreciate.
The Washington Street Park is a very nice mid sized park, in the downtown area and has a view of the Mississippi River. There is a great shaded pavilion near the center and a few sculptures spread around. The grounds are clean and well maintained and there is a fair amount of seating.
The Vicksburg Riverfront Murals are aa ingenious way the city had beautified the old river flood walls and at the same time tells the history of Vicksburg. Each panel depicts an era, from prehistoric to modern times. A small town plaque in front of three mural explains the scene. Very interesting and well done.