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Fei Long Market
2022 Jul 11
This is smaller than their other store on 8th Avenue and it felt like whatever didn't sell in that other location was eventually brought here. The outside produce was of generally poor quality and we found out later that the grocery items we bought were near the end of their shelf life. I don't think we'll be back.
9 St
2019 Oct 01
This station serves the PATH trains to New Jersey. It's cleaner and more presentable than your average NYC subway station, but it does get uncomfortably toasty in here during the scorching summer months. And it's deeper underground so it takes more time to reach ground level. If you plan to take a train here on a hot day, just time your arrival close to your train's arrival so you're not too miserable in the heat. You can download the RidePATH app for up-to-date train info.
Major subway transfer station with decent signage and public art. No restrooms, plus the entire station turns into a furnace during the scorching summer months.

There are clean restrooms at Fulton Center, which is directly connected to the station.
DC History Center
2019 Jul 13
When you arrive at the home of The D.C.History Center, don't be confused by the Apple logos on the front of the building (the Center shares space with an Apple Store on the first floor).

When you enter this beautifully restored building, head upstairs to the History Center where it's very likely you will be greeted by a friendly member of the Historical Society of Washington, D.C.

There were two exhibits open when we visited, a panoramic photo display called The Big Picture and a room size timeline called the D.C. Hall of History. They really do a great job of celebrating the culture and history of D.C., not just as the nation's capital but as a city with its own story to tell. Plan to spend an hour here at most.

The Kiplinger Research Library was not yet open, but should resume operation in August of 2019.
The Rising
2019 Jul 04
Neat public art.