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Gallery of Maps
2024 Jun 01
This is a 120 metre long corridor that leads into the Raphael Rooms and Sistine Chapel within the Vatican Museums. The walls are lined with 40 beautifully painted geographical maps of Italian regions, completed by artists under the direction of Ignazio Danti (1580-1585).

I've always enjoyed spending time in the Gallery of Maps prior to walking through the Raphael Rooms and Sistine Chapel. It is much less known but a really impressive and memorable inclusion to visits to the Vatican Museum.
Fontana dei Leoni
2024 May 22
This is a series of four lion fountains symmetrically placed around the Flaminio Obelisk in the centre of Piazza del Popolo. They are the design of architect Giuseppe Valadier and were elected in the 1820s to add decoration to the square.

What you see are four seated lions, seated upon a step pyramid like structure, pointing outward from the obelisk. From their mouths spouts water into basins below. It is a nice touch to the Egyptian theme when viewed along with the obelisk and worth spending a couple minutes to view while sightseeing around the square.
Cafe Wayan
2024 May 19
This is a long standing and very good wurang style restaurant along Jl. Monkey Forest in central Ubud. We had a couple great meals here during our last visit to Ubud over a decade ago and was glad to find them still open and faithfully serving excellent Balinese and Indonesian dishes in their charming garden setting area.

Opening hours are 10am to 11pm. They have many tables so walk-in is usually not a problem but if you want to ensure specific romantic seating in the garden, best to reserve in advance.

We had two meals here again during our recent visit to Ubud. They were both great. One meal was a more casual lunch where we enjoyed the Beef Randang, a generous serving of nicely stewed beef, a bit on the sweet side compared to the hotter and spicier versions you might have tried elsewhere in Indonesia or Malaysia. The Nasi Campur (vegetarian style) was better than we expected and tasted very good as well, a nice combination of veg ingredients, sambal and rice. Very flavourful and worth reordering.

Most impressive however was a separate dinner at Cafe Wayan where we tried their Smoked Duck for 2 - a signature heritage dish which is best to call in advance and preorder. This was a huge and sensational serving, think succulent dark duck packed with local spices and wrapped in betelnut leaf before being slowly smoked to perfection. Aroma was amazing, flavours intense and absolutely delicious, probably the best individual food item we have tried so far this year. Starter of chicken soup, sides and satay were also very good. This was a feast of great food, leaving us with really full bellies and big smiles on our face.

Will eagerly return to Ubud the next time we are in Bali and specifically reserve table in back to again enjoy the Smoked Duck in the intimate garden setting at Cafe Wayan. This was just a fabulous meal.
Pura Dalem Agung is the large Hindu temple situated in the middle of the Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

It is believed that the temple was originally built around 1350. It has played an important part of the spiritual lives of Balinese people around Ubud for many centuries and is today part of the home of over 1200 long-tailed masques that call the Monkey Forest Sanctuary home.

While exploring the sanctuary grounds, you will walk past Pura Dalem Agung Temple. While it is closed for public visitation (open for prayer only), you can view through the closed gates and see the typical Balinese Hindu temple architecture within. The exterior of the temple is nice as well. It is fronted by lion and other statues. Make sure to see the interesting facade panel carvings, some depicting scenes of monkeys battling a dragon.
Flaminio Obelisk
2024 May 08
This is a ancient Egyptian obelisk which originally stood at Heliopolis before being relocated to Rome in 10 BC. At that time, it placed at Circus Maximus where it stayed until ending into ruins along with fellow obelisks during the Fall of Rome.

After many centuries, the obelisk was restored and brought to its present location at Piazza del Popolo in 1589 where you find it today. The base, circular basins and Egyptian style stone lions at the base of the Flaminio Obelisk were added by Giuseppe Valadier in 1823. They add a nice touch to Flaminio Obelisk, a point of interest worth spending a few minutes to enjoy while sightseeing around the square.