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Busto de Augusto Rosa
2023 Jun 13
This is a bust monument of Portuguese actor Augusto Rosa (1852-1918) in the small square in front of Lisbon Cathedral (Sé da Lisboa) and across from the Church of St. Anthony in the Alfama District.

The bust is of a middle-aged Rosa resting his chin in his right hand. It rests upon a 1.75 metre tall marble pedestal with engraving of the actor's name and mention of the council that seems to have erected this monument in 1925. It is an interesting monument to see in between your visits to the two important churches.
This monument of Spanish Baroque architect Albert de Churriguera who designed Plaza Mayor and the Third Count of Francos - José del Castillo y Larrazabal, a major promotor of the plaza is situated at Plaza del Poeta iglesias and just to the south of Plaza Mayor.

It is the work of Spanish sculptor Fernando Mayoral and and depicts the two fellows going over plans or architectural schematics for nearby Plaza Mayor. The monument was inaugurated in 2005 on the 250th anniversary of the completion of Plaza Mayor (1729-1755).
This is a bronze statue of Dominican friar, writer and University of Salamanca professor Francisco de Vitoria (1483-1546). Vitoria is also regarded as a founding father of international law.

The statue is the work of sculptor Francisco de Toledo (1975). What you see is a bronze of Vitoria in robe holding book, likely a bible, in his left hand.
Polk Bros Park
2023 May 21
This is an urban park that serves as a Green Front Door to the Navy Pier in Chicago.

You will find a large circular fountain, park benches, nicely landscaped flowerbeds as well as a couple monuments, including the Captain at the Helm monument as well as a sculpture of a group of children playing. The park extends north of the Navy Pier linking up with the Adams Memorial Park and Milton Lee Olive Park to create a sizeable green space and leisure area. It is also transected by the Lakeshore Trail that skirts the shore of Lake. Michigan.
Water Tower Place
2023 May 19
Water Tower Place is a good shopping complex on N. Michigan Ave. named after the historic Water Tower located just across the street. They have a fair range of retail shops and eateries as well as the Chicago Sports Museum on the 8th floor.