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2018 Jun 13
Schottenkirche is a church located at Freyung Square. This is a parish church with a history dating as far back as the 12th century when founded by Irish and Scottish Benedictine monks. However, the church building you see today is from the more recent Baroque period.

The exterior is three level facade with embedded column structures, small statue niches. The entrance is flanked by two small side towers. Windows include ornamentation while the pediment and roof are topped with angelic figure and golden crosses.

The interior is a decorated with marble walls lined with columns, moderate ornamentation and a ceiling with leafy pattern and frescos. The alter is attractive. There are side chapels Baroque in style as well. Unfortunately, we found the main nave is blocked by a screen, preventing further access into the main nave and side chapels. As such, we were only able to view the church interior from the back.

In the end, much less ornate than other Baroque churches in the city centre, we liked what we could see at Schottenkirche. Would have much enjoyed having been able to explore the interior more than was possible. Hopefully others will have better access to the church at other times of the year.
There are many equestrian statues which can be seen around Vienna, including that of Archduke Albert (Erzherzog Albrecht) which is located on the upper-floor outdoor area in front of the entrance to the Albertina Museum. The statue overlooks Albertina-platz and can be seen clearly from this area.

Archduke Albert (1847-1895) served notably in the Austria-Hungary army. His monument was designed by German sculptor Kaspar von Zumbusch in 1898-99 and depicts the Archduke in military attire, riding his horse confidently. He seems to be peering into the distance. The statue is situated upon a oval shaped pedestal with decorative bronze reliefs on each side.

Take a few minutes to view an enjoy this monument before entering Albertina Museum, if you enjoy this time of sightseeing during your travels.
2018 Jun 13
Just outside the Burggarten Gate along Goethegasse and the opernring section of the Ringstrasse is a monument to the German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

This monument is the work of Austrian sculptor Edmund von Hellmer and was unveiled in 1900. It is a large scale bronze statue of Goethe, depicted as a middle aged and heavy set individual. He is in coat and seated in a large chair. The statue rests upon a granite pedestal, shaped in a similar manner to the outline of the statue.

You can see the Goethe Monument before or after visiting Burggarten or when passing along the ringstrasse. There are quite a few other monuments to view in the area as well.
2018 Jun 13
We visited the Austrian Theatre Museum back in March. At this time they were hosting masterpieces from the Academy of Fine Arts while the picture gallery there is closed for renovations. Opening hours are 10-6pm (Closed on Tuesdays).

At this time you can see the the important 'Last Judgement' triptych by Hieronymus Bosch as well as a nice selection of works by Old Masters such as Peter Paul Rubens and Anthony Van Dyke. The Bosch work in particular is a masterpiece worth the price of admission to view.

We also enjoyed stepping into the impressive Eroica Hall to view the ceiling frescos here. These date back to 1724-29 and are the works of Dutch painter Jacob van Schuppen. Do take a few minutes to enjoy this room as well if it is open and available to be seen during your time at the Austrian Theatre Museum.
Beethoven statue
2018 Jun 13
I passed by Beethoven Square in route to Karlsplatz from Stadtpark during our March visit to Vienna, enjoying the monument to Maestro Ludwig van Beethoven, as I have in the past when spending time in Vienna.

This large scale monument is the work of German sculptor Kaspar von Zumbusch and was erected in 1880. It portrays Beethoven as a hero and serious individual, surrounded by an allegorical arrangement of figures situated around the large pedestal beneath Beethoven.

It is an impressive composition that is well worth seeking if you are a fan of of the maestro or if you enjoy monument viewing during your travels.