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Egmont Park
2022 Nov 21
Parc d'Egmont - Egmont Park is situated between Rue aux Laines and Blvd de Waterloo and is open from 8am to 8pm daily. This public garden was originally part of the Egmont Palace in the 16th-century. The layout was altered and changed a few times over the centuries.

What you see today is an English-style park and garden that was designed in 1902 with open green space surrounded by mature trees with a handful of monuments of Peter Pan and Prince Louis-Eugene de Ligne, walking path as well as a bistro with delightful outdoor seating.

Overall, Egmont Park is a nice public park fairly close to Petit Sablon for those looking for green space and quiet leisure grounds in the area.
Église Sainte-Catherine de Bruxelles (St. Catherine's Church) is situated on Place Sainte Catherine in central Brussels. Historically, there was a Gothic style church constructed here in the 15th century. After flood damage, a new church was built between 1854-74. The church suffered a turbulent 20th-century of damage, neglect and seems to have barely avoided permanent closure and being converted into indoor market within the last decade.

Today, what you find is something of a French Neo-Gothic exterior and facade. There is also a free standing Baroque style tower just outside the main church building that is worth a look. The interior offers a bare nave with minimal ornamentation. There is a fine altar, carved wooden pulpit and few other nice things to see. However, by comparison to other church visits you may have done in Brussels, there is quite a bit less to see within St. Catherine's Church.

In the end, worth a look-see if you are sightseeing in this area of central Brussels. Otherwise, if you are short on time in the city, there are more impressive and interesting churches you can visit first.
The Sculpture Garden
2022 Nov 16
The Garden of Sculptures is located just next to the Royal Museum of Fine Arts on Rue de la Régence. This is a small garden with some interesting contemporary sculptures. It is believed that the garden is also located on the site of an 18th-century botanical garden because of the unique tree species that can be found here.

There is a fountain and park benches to sit while viewing the sculptures. A decent place for a brief rest before/after your museum visit. Otherwise, if you are interested in gardens with monument viewing, make sure to also visit the Jardin du Petit Sablon just 50-60 metres down the street from here as well. There you will find lovely landscaping and impressive statues of historic Belgian figures of history.
Tin Hau Temple
2021 Jan 17
There are a few temples on Lamma Island dedicated to Tin Hau, the Goddess of the Sea including this temple at the south side of Sok Kwu Wan. The temple is believed to be originally built 150 years ago. However, the building you see today was a major restoration work after the temple burnt down in 2004.

The exterior is a mix of grey brick and red brick around the entrance. You'll find attractive tile and ceramic murals, green tile roofing with decoration. Just in front of the temple are typical guardian lions and incense burner.

The interior is small with expected shrine, deity figures, ancient bell. However, what is perhaps most interesting is the case with a 2.75 metre long Oar Fish. This is a rare fish that was landed by local fisherman in 2001 and handed over to the local Rainbow Seafood Restaurant where it was on display for some time before ending up here in the Tin Hau Temple.

Note: There is a No Photo sign in the temple so best to respect wishes and limit your picture taking to the exterior of the temple.

In the end, the Tin Hau Temple is right on the main Lamma Island Family Walk trail making it convenient and easy to visit at Sok Kwu Wan, its a pretty little temple, worth spending a few minutes to enjoy as part of your visit to Lamma.
Gallery by the Harbour is a small second floor space used for art display and exhibitions at Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui. This is a single room hall with space to exhibition 15-20 works at a time.

Presently the gallery is showing the Hong Kong Photo contest 2019 sponsored by National Geographic Wheelock. The photos are of various landscapes, society and cultural scenes and are of very good quality. It is worth the 10 minute visit to see the present exhibition if you enjoy the arts and plan to do a bit of shopping at Harbour City during your visit to HK.