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Gallery by the Harbour is a small second floor space used for art display and exhibitions at Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui. This is a single room hall with space to exhibition 15-20 works at a time.

Presently the gallery is showing the Hong Kong Photo contest 2019 sponsored by National Geographic Wheelock. The photos are of various landscapes, society and cultural scenes and are of very good quality. It is worth the 10 minute visit to see the present exhibition if you enjoy the arts and plan to do a bit of shopping at Harbour City during your visit to HK.
The Hideout Coffees
2020 Feb 15
There have been quite a few new coffee shop openings around the Macau Peninsula in the past few years including The Hideout Coffees along Patio do Comandante Mata e Oliveira, just across from the popular Caravela Portuguese restaurant. Opening hours are 7.30am to 6pm (Mon-Sat) and 11.30am to 6pm (Sun).

This is a small place with just a few single seats inside. Many simply enjoy their coffee drinks standing outside the Hideout. Recently passed by and tried their espresso, slightly bitter with a citrus finish. Coffee taste is similar to most of the new places around the city, reflecting the evolving taste preferences of the younger generation. compared to the bold but rich, earthy flavours of the coffee served up at older coffee shops and traditional Portuguese places around the city.

In the end, not a bad little place for a cup of black. Convenient for those staying at nearby Hotel Sintra or those planning to stop at the famous Margaret's e Nata just around the corner. Coffee served here is much better than what you'll get at Margaret's so perhaps pick up your tarts there and coffee at the Hideout.
Bodhi Tree
2019 Oct 30
The Bodhi 'wishing' tree is one of things to see when passing through the replica Ngong Ping Village between the cable car upper terminus and the Giant Buddha/Po Lin Monastery attractions.

It is interesting to see when there are many wishing cards placed in the tree.
Pace Coffee Macau
2019 Sep 18
Quite a few coffee shops have opened 'and closed' in the Macau World Heritage over the past five years or so. Pace may be one that sticks around for a while.

They serve up nice espresso and their signature Coffee Shooter that is unique and surprisingly good. These are better than your average coffee in Macau and worth seeking out if you find yourself in this area and in need of a caffeine fix.

This shop is situated on the scenic Rua dos Ervanarios just west of the Ruins of St Paul's and is open from 11 to 7pm daily.

The shop is clean and somewhat minimalist, similar to the modern coffee houses you'll find on Hong Kong Island. Seating area is rather limited so be ready to take your coffee drinks to go if space is taking up when you visit.
2019 Jul 21
Baknesserkerk is a former church building at Vrouwstraat that is interesting to see when sightseeing around Haarlem. At present, it seems the church functions as an exhibition area for the Archeologisch Museum Haarlem. April to October opening hours are 1-4.30pm. From Sept to March, opening hours are 2-6pm.

The church history dates back to the 13th century and is medieval in its exterior appearance. There is an interesting 16th century sandstone tower that is a landmark in this area of the city. It seems this tower was rebuilt in 1972, hence its fine present appearance.

The tower is Gothic in appearance, ornately decorated and topped with a crown. You can see it from various points within the area, while there is opportunity to view it up close from the outer church grounds.

This is one of the buildings included in the Monumental walk - self walking tour around city. You can purchase maps of of these walks at the TI at the City Hall building at Grote Markt. Alternatively, you can download from the Visit Haarlem website.