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A two piece sculpture by Indian artist Ganesh Gohain. One piece is half a giant foot and behind that is a block with the shape of a full foot cut out. Can't say I understand it, but it looks fun.
I visited the Museo Archeologico Virtuale back in 2019. It's a fantastic concept, providing an interactive experience of what Herculaneum would’ve been like just before and during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Much of the exhibition are video experiences of the buildings showing what they would’ve looked like before the eruption, as well as on some of the archaeological artefacts. The experience ends with an all round cinematic experience of life in Herculaneum
Casa dello Scheletro
2020 Jun 16
Visited La casa dello Scheletro back in October. Also known as the House of Skeletons is probably the first interesting house I saw after entering the site. It’s so named for the skeletal remains found in the house (which have since been moved). Despite the lack of skeletons, it’s worth wandering into the house as two of the rooms have niches decorated with frescoes, especially the blue coloured frescoes in the nymphaeum.
Visited the park back in 2019. The Casa del Tramezzo di Legno building is so called because of the well-preserved wooden screen, which was used to separate the atrium from the main room. The latter houses a low marble table and some seats, although I’m not sure if these were originally part of the house. It’s pretty obvious the house must’ve belonged to a wealthy individual. The walls seem to have been painted in a red theme, but sadly most of it is gone and were left to only imagine what once was. The house is worth a detour if you have time.
Casa dei Due Atri
2020 Jun 16
Visited the archealogical park back in 2019. The Casa dei Due Atri is also known as the House of the two atriums is not one of the more interesting houses in the Herculaneum site. Sadly, the entrance of the house was locked on the day I visited, so I couldn't see the atriums for myself. It didn’t look that interesting from the outside anyway.