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Ate here many times in Jan and Feb.

Came here on a recommendation from a guest at my hostel. I came here late in the evening and I could see that the clientele is more local than tourist, which can be a good thing. At first I was going to go with the buffet, but it occurred to me that it was night and I didn’t know how long the food had been out on the trays, so I went with something off the menu instead. I ordered a Fragrant Claypot Rice and a Honey and plum drink.

The claypot literally came in a clay pot which was awesome. The rice was mixed in soy sauce and came with broccoli, mock char siu and mushrooms. The rice most certainly was fragrant and because the rice was in direct contact with, it lent a slightly barbecue flavour to enhance the fragrance.

Other times, especially during lunchtimes, I ate from the buffet. The majority of the times, it's been enjoyable and the prices are so reasonable too.

One negative was that the restaurant was open to the outside and I was unfortunately to be placed on a table right at the entrance where I was bitten 4 times by mosquitoes.
Dataran Medan Pasar
2020 Apr 07
Visited back in Jan.

The Medan Pasar is what used to be the old market square until it was moved to the nearby central market. Nowadays, the square still preserves vestiges of the old market by the concentration of banks surrounding the square. The square is okay for historical reasons and the middle of the square has the Old Market Square Clock Tower landmark of the city. Otherwise there’s not much to see around the square and the shops aren’t all that interesting either. You’ll likely pass the square at some point because of its proximity to Chinatown, Merdeka Square, Masjid Jamek etc and all the attractions around it.
This monument stands in tribute to Corporal Luis Noval, a Spanish who served in the Spanish Colonial wars in Morocco. He was taken prisoner by the Rif forces, who forced him to take them to the entrance of the Spanish camp. The Spanish soldiers did not shoot when they saw Noval coming, but he shouted out a warning to his comrades that it was an ambush and died in the following firefight. After his death, he was awarded the second class cross of the Military Order of San Fernando.

This monument depicts Noval in uniform, marching with his rifle on his shoulder. Behind his is a Spanish women, holding up the Spanish flag to encourage Noval onwards. At the base of the monument you can see the Rif rebels scattering at the sight of Noval.

The monument stands in Plaza de Oriente, near the royal palace and worth a visit to get the bit of history. It's lovely to see a nice monument honouring and otherwise ordinary soldier instead of some rich aristocrat.
Rembrandt Monument
2020 Feb 07
The Rembrandt Monument is a monument that stands in tribute to Rembrandt van Rijn and located in Rembrandtplein where he used to have a house.

Originally one a single statue of Rembrandt sat in the middle of the public square, it's now a sculptural ensemble of his most famous paint, The Night Watch. The ensemble is a 3D interpretation of the paint and was put together as part of Rembrandt's 400th birthday in 2006.

This is an absolutely amazing monument and a must-see in Amsterdam.
The Slavernijmonument is a monument commemorating the official abolishment in the Netherlands and it's empire. The sculptural ensemble is a narrative of freedom from the despair of slavery to the elation of freedom. A wonderful monument that brought a tear to my eyes.