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This memorial on Wenceslas Square is a memorial to Jan Palach and Jan Zajíc, two students who protested against the then communist government. The memorial features I think polished granite granite, engraved with portraits of the two. Around the memorial are flowers and tributes.

A nice tribute in a prominent location. The memorial is simple, but plus one for the sentiments.
2019 Nov 22
The Daliborka tower is the prison/place of torture (was there a difference then), of Prague Castle, back in the day. Not it houses prison/torture exhibits on two levels. There's not much on show. there's a single board describing the use of Daliborka tower, plus labels for many of the exhibits.

Entry is basically free. Not much to see really, but it's kind of entertaining trying to navigate the tower as it's not been modernised. The building and stairwells are old.
Moltke Monument
2019 Nov 21
This monument stands in tribute to Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke, or more often simply Moltke the Elder. Moltke was a fine military strategist who is considered to have masterminded Prussian victories over Austria and France in the latter part of the 19th century.

This monument is a marble sculpture of Moltke wearing a field marshal uniform with the German Iron Cross around his neck. He is depicted with his hands held together at the front, but oddly leaning back on a balustrade.

The statue is realistic if a bit bland and a bit disappointing considering his contributions, not to mention it's prominent location. Only worth taking a look if visiting Tiergarten or the area around Grosser Stern,
Konrad Adenauer
2019 Nov 21
This monument stands in tribute to Konrad Adenauer, the first chancellor of the then West Germany and lead the country through the recovery after the Second World War.

This statue is about the worst monument imaginable to someone who did so much for this country. The depiction of Konrad Adenauer is depressing. The sculpture depicts an old an with his shoulders hunched up. The sculpture is virtually featureless save for the for and the long trench coat. Were this statue not so close to Neumarkt and all the shops and cafes, then it would be a total waster to see this.
Goethe Monument
2019 Nov 21
This monument stands in tribute Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who along with his contemporary Friedrich Schiller is considered amongst the greatest German writers.

This monument is a sculptural ensemble with a statue of Goethe as its centrepiece. The statue depicts Goethe as a gentleman of the 18th century wearing a suit underneath a cloak. He is standing in portrait pose and holding a rolled up scroll in his right hand. The statue stands atop a pedestal and around the base of this are the allegorical figures of drama, lyric poetry, love and science.

Worth seeing if in Tiergarten.