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Adati Tarfa

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Kumo Asian Restaurant
2024 May 10
Not a huge fan of the food. Some of the fish were not the freshest. I am reluctant to give bad reviews but this is a second time where the fish were just not good. The price has increased but I don’t think the quality of the food matches the price. The wait staff were great.
Loved this airport! Simple and easy to go around. Loved the shuttle services and how it was clearly labeled. Made it easy to know exactly where to go!
Sam Edelman
2024 Jan 02
Such an elegant store. Loved the appearance!
Very much worth the visit. The society does a lot to make sure the mansions are easy to access and also provide resources to guide the sightseeing and make the experience worthwhile. I only had time to do the Vanderbilt tour - The Breakers which are the pictures I am attaching here. Will recommend doing all tours over a weekend trip!
H Mart
2023 Dec 18
I love all HMarts and especially liked this because although it is small it has all you need. Love the hot food option and the fresh produce section.