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Awesome science museum for kids of all ages! I even enjoyed it as an adult. I learned a lot of cool things, and that made it even more enjoyable to escort my kids through the museum. My personal favorites were the Planetarium, "Fossil or Not" pop-up quiz game, and skyline views of lower Manhattan while outside at the dinosaur dig. My kids' fan favorites were the indoor climbing exhibit, dinosaur dig, animal habitat exhibits, optical Illusion building, and all things having to do with outer space. We became annual members and are so glad we did! With the annual membership we save 10% on food and gifts. The food is really tasty at the cafeteria. They had delicious tacos which is not something you can always get at a cafeteria. Parking is affordable at $7. We have gone twice in 3 weeks and can't wait to come back. :)
Great place to take the kids for fun and education. They had a lot of interactive exhibits that kept them occupied for a while. The planetarium show was Sesame Street themed and it was also good. If you’re looking for an inexpensive place to take the kids when they’re off of school this place fits the bill nicely
Very interesting museum with free admission.
Unfortunately, some items need maintenance but it is absolutely worth it.
Being able to see the space shuttle Endeavor live is a truly fascinating experience.
Need something to do with your kids but don't want to break the bank? Do you want or want your kids to learn new things? Need to get out of the heat but tired of the mall? This is the spot!

Price: Free. However, you do have to pay if you want to see any IMAX movies and for the special exhibit. Endeavor and others are free!

Parking: At this current time, parking is $15 and is an underground parking structure. Even being there early, we parked one level lower due to the heat. Best choice.

Water: The biggest thing we couldn't find anywhere on the website was water bottles. Well, my friends, no need to look farther. You can bring water bottles in, and they even have filling stations near all the restrooms.

Food: They have food you can purchase. We didn't eat there because we were out within 3 hours. It looks as though you can bring food but not in the exhibit area, only in the cafeteria area.

Crowds: We went at opening on a weekday, so it wasn't busy.
I grew up in Houston but have not been to a museum since elementary school. We went to the King Tut exhibit and SOME of the regular museum. It was all so fun and informative. I will go back for more , I just got very tired. My only suggestion would be a lower cost for the parking garage , I had to drive to the roof to find a place to park , so I'm not happy to pay $30.00 .
One of the best science museums of the nation. Home of the retired Space Shuttle Endeavour for about 10 years, and there will be a permanent house in 2025. I like to watch documentary films at the original Imax Theater. The hands-on exhibits allow visitors to learn about various ecosystems, biology, automobile, earthquake and fires. The best is about no admission fee for all. The original Frank Gehry designed air and space museum was closed but we can't wait for the new one to be built, and that air gallery that will house 20 plus airplanes, and a space gallery.
A great place for kids and those interested in science! All of the exhibits are interesting and many are interactive! And being able to see a space shuttle and an aquarium in one trip is something you can’t do anywhere else! Would definitely recommend to anyone in the area that has any interest in science!
It’s a great place for anyone to come inside afor a respite from the weather—and a great way to spend the day.
The King Tut exhibit was much smaller than expected. Egyptian exhibit (outside King Tut) was more exciting.
The regular exhibits are always a delight.
Planetarium shows are a good variation and time selection.
Three hour parking available nearby.
Parking garage is $30 for non-members and $10 for members.
Staff everywhere is always so courteous.
It has changed A LOT since I was a kid. I did enjoy my time and I liked the new additions. Even my youngest child, only 1 year old, had some space to play and have fun. However, there were quite a few things that were broken or not functional and it was disappointing to not see those things operate. All of the staff were friendly and quickly helped you out. Overall, we had a good day and my son was sad to leave.
Awesome place to visit. Be early the line gets ridiculous to get in. You need reservations or you're not getting in. The planetarium is cool. They have free and paid shows you just need to see the counter on the second floor to see which are which. Every exhibit is great fun for kids and adults alike. The item shop is a little expensive but what did you expect from in the middle of DC. In the basement, they have a food court, and continued item shop.
This is a great museum, BUT, the National Museum of US Air Force in Dayton, Ohio is much, much better. If you were impressed by this one you must visit the one in Ohio too.
This museum though being smaller still showcases some variety of planes, space modules, planets etc. The best display is definitely the one of space without a doubt. You can see Neil Armstrong space suit, Lunar modules, various tech and memorabilia they used in space exploration - very cool to deep dive in history of that. I’d recommend reserving tickets in advance because I have seen families being turned down at the entrance without their free tickets. There is a huge souvenir shop on site. All in all it was good experience.
Excellent and fun experience for all ages! My toddler and I had a really fun time. We came early and were given space to enjoy each section. We’ll be back!
This is a rare FREE medium size science center with many impressive display sets along with live animals for educational purposes. Adults and kids will all find something that they are interested in. It surely is a better alternative than letting kids playing videogames at home. Parking is $15.
We had a wonderful time at the natural history museum. I’m usually go for art museums but this was a nice change of pace. It was very informative but it did seem to be mostly catered to children info wise. On that note, if you’re choosing between the DC museums, this one had a lot of school trips the day I went so it made some of the more narrow rooms harder to navigate. Overall, lots of cool things to see! I recommend starting with the gem room if you get there first thing to avoid the crowds.
There were quite a few interesting activities geared towards mainly elementary school aged and maybe middle school aged students. Some of the exhibits are getting worn and need renovations. Some are under renovation. The animal exhibit is the most impressive. Interactive activities such as climbing wall are great, too. The admission fee is pricey and doesn't include 3D movies and shows. Parking is $7 and space plenty. Pay at the station by ticket counter to save time. Buy tickets online in advance online and save.
The special exhibition of royal jewelry is amazing. Don’t miss out! It’s my first time to witness the Russian egg sculpture with fantastic craftsmanship.

Also, there is a high jewelry room at the end of the Gem stone exhibition. The dark room really help appreciate the shiny jewelry. I love the Sapphire necklace there.
Amazing museum for all ages and possibly one of the best museums dc has to offer. Loved the animal fossil collection (especially the dinosaur skeletons) and the space artifacts.

Kids would love it but it could easily take an entire day to leisurely view all of them. But even then it was an information overload, in a good way.

Can be crowded on holidays or weekends (specially summer), but its not something that would dampen your experience, so visit when you can!
We live in the area and visit often how everything this time was a bit different. My disinter was visiting with her 5 kids (ages 6-17) When we arrived we ate at Americas Table, it was great to fuel us for the tour. Overall. Each person in our group was happy with what they saw and enjoyed the visit. There’s plenty of food trucks outside when you’re finished with the tour. Check it out. It’s busy on the weekends. If you can go during the week I’d suggest that. Lots to see!!
We showed up as soon as they opened, at 9am. They’ve done a wonderful job with updating the museum. It’s been several years since I’ve been there. We actually decided to get a membership this year because my kiddos are old enough now.

I’d highly recommend getting there early (no lines), bringing your own food and water, and prepay for your tickets.

We’re really excited to go back and check out the other exhibits later in the year and next year.

The shark exhibit wasn’t worth the money and the space exhibit was basically a back room in the lower lobby. Lol. Not that I care, because the moon landing never happened.

The butterfly exhibit was really cool. The additions that they’ve made to this was great to see. My kiddos loved it.
Very interesting things to learn. The museum needs a few updates but still worth the time. I wish I would have had more time there to see The Maya exhibit which is only available through a ticket purchase. I suggest getting there before opening as it does tend to get crowded about two hours after opening.
This is a great free museum near the Dulles va airport. There are both space and aviation exhibits including a space shuttle. There is also an observation tower to overlook the airport and hear the control tower comma. Parking is $15 but there was plenty of parking.
While visiting NYC me and my husband decided to check out this museum. There is a significant amount of rich history here and it was very informative and interesting. I will say though considering how big the museum is I think it would be nice if a flow through the exhibits existed. The beverages were also a bit pricey, I had purchased water and it was about $5 per bottle. Aside from that I would definitely recommend for people to check this spot out.
I would have loved to give this place 5/5 stars. It's been a bucket list museum for an avid aviation lover like myself.

I'm sure it's a spectacular museum, unfortunately during my visit roughly 2/3 of the museum was under construction/renovation.
at 2023 Aug 08
at 2023 Aug 08
There was so much to experience at Liberty Science Center!! We always have a great time, the prices aren't that outrageous, which can be affordable but also the membership has its benefits. I am a member since when you break down the membership cost versus how many visits to make it worthwhile, since we enjoy to explore the different shows in the planetarium 🪐 ✨🪐 or checking out the latest experiments 🧪🧫 we always enjoy our visits.
Bella A
at 2023 Aug 08
Bella A
at 2023 Aug 08
We spent there for 3.5 hrs but still not enough time to explore everything.
This place is bigger than I expected so there’s a lot to explore and interact. The laser dome shows are the best, but have to make reservations prior the shows (you can choose from time slots). We enjoyed the Taylor Swift one as we were unable to check every show.
If you adore butterflies they have a small butterfly garden which I loved!

Also they have two Imax theaters but tickets are sold separately.

There isn’t any place to eat or drink so you’d eat at Armory that is within only 3 mins walking distance.
A dream for any museum lover. Buy tickets and book shows in advance, there's a small lineup outside to enter, but it is quick. Once inside, it is almost a days trip. There's way many things to see, experience. It's like the entire movie "Night at the Mueseum" came alive. You can bring your own reusable water bottles and there are fountains every few corners. We did not try the food inside. But go prepared, go fresh and enjoy. It's a wonderland!
The National Museum of Natural History is an absolute treasure trove of wonder and learning. From the moment I stepped in, I was greeted by the awe-inspiring sight of the Hope Diamond, a symbol of the museum's immense collections. The exhibits are thoughtfully curated, offering captivating insights into Earth's history, diverse ecosystems, and the marvels of our planet's flora and fauna. The Hall of Fossils transported me through time, while the Butterfly Pavilion brought me up close to nature's delicate beauty. The interactive displays engaged visitors of all ages, making learning a joyful experience. With each step, I felt a deeper connection to the natural world and a renewed appreciation for its intricacies. The National Museum of Natural History is a true celebration of our planet's majesty and a must-visit for inquisitive minds.
Specially the Dinosaur fossils collections were awesome & mesmerizing. With kids don't miss this museum
We had dinner time so decided to visit since we had an affiliate astc passport program. It was a nice place for families. We didn’t go with our children but had a good time in the butterfly garden and laser show. It’s in a great location as well as there’s tons going on outside. Not as big as I expected and there were places that were out if service
Great kids science museum easily driveable from most of the NYC area and Long Island. Best for kids in the 4-12 zone, though big kids will definitely enjoy the planetarium. If you want to see all of the exhibits, plan to spend most of opening hours there. Decent cafe with outdoor dining, and indoors areas have excellent ventilation (CO2 <900) for those still being cautious.
Great museum, lots to see. We went for the King Tut exhibit. The actual King Tut sarcophagus is a replica but it's still very interesting. The butterfly room is definitely worth the visit. Two places to get food, for a museum restaurant the food is good. Don't forget to pay for parking before you leave the garage. Pretty easy to find, there's a couple of rotarys on the way which are a bit weird. The staff is all very friendly and helpful. Wear comfortable shoes there's a lot to see so you'll be on your feet a lot.
Hard to complain about a place where you can drop your kids off for a day, sit back and relax. The center has lots of activities for kids to do and to be honest, as a parent I enjoyed the butterfly garden as well. The only down side is, of course, the fact that center opens at 10 instead of 9.
Super awesome museum. We had an amazing day on-site. Really fun and interesting exhibits with an awesome application to help you get around. “Then why are you only giving it 3 stars?”
Here’s why:
1) the security line being the same for same day ticket buyers as city pass holders and advanced tickets buyers makes zero sense in my opinion. Why did I take the time to buy in advance AND also spend a pretty penny on all the extra exhibits online (sharks, invisible worlds, world beyond earth) only to not be able to make it on time because the wait to get in through security was 45 minutes?
2) none of the water fountains were functional!
3) as none of the water fountains were functional we had to spend 5$ per person per bottle of water. Not only that but the food was horrendous and overpriced and no food was allowed to be brought in.
Where I am from families have accessibility to full days in a museum because they can pack their own food from home and consume it in dedicated areas. Who can afford a 15$ sandwich that looks how mine does in the attached photo?
For the price you pay to get in, the cost of food, the sales in gift shops who then ask for donations there honestly is no reason for everything to be as pricey as it is. Not worth it with all of the additions when this could otherwise be a 5 star attraction.
This is a great place to visit! It is even better if you have kids! I purchased tickets ahead of time because every sign said we needed to, but you don't need to and I ran into some issues so I would recommend not buying tickets ahead of time.
An absolutely wonderful museum for families to visit! For the child with an engineer's mind, there are many displays which fascinated my youngest son. My son who loves Star Wars enjoyed the large X Wing hanging from the ceiling. I have a daughter who loves all things space who loved the Moon and Space exhibits. My youngest daughter loved all the hands on displays. I highly recommend a visit to the National Air and Space Museum!
I am totally shocked that this museum, along with the other ones I have visited while staying in DC, is free (with the exception of the planetarium). This place is truly fantastic. It has so much to see, some of which are interactive. The exhibits are well maintained, organized, and clean. My favorite exhibit was that of all the planes. I thought it was so cool to see the very first "flying car" that was ever created. Word to the wise though....even though this museum is free, you do need a timed ticket to enter. Don't be discouraged for the long lines as they move rather quickly, and you can be inside the museum within 10-15 minutes after your timed ticket. They have a cafe and gift shop that is definitely worth checking out. Overall, this place is great for all ages, and it could really bring out the nerd in all of us.
I love Natural History Museums and this one is truly fantastic. It is just as great as the one I visited in New York City, and what makes it even better is that it is free, with the exception of the butterfly exhibit. They have so much to see that you can literally spend the entire day here. Kids would not only enjoy the butterflies but the live bug and interactive cell phone exhibits as well. The museum itself is well maintained and clean, and there really isn't too much of a wait time to enter once you get past security. Be sure to check out the nifty gift shop before you leave to pick up a souvenir or two. I definitely recommend anyone visiting the area to check this place out.
If you like planes or rockets, this is the place to be! First ever built plane is here (and not a replica!), they even have real CCCP astronaut suit. They also have asteroid for you to touch. Such a magical place for space and aviation fans.

After pandemic, you need to reserve a time to enter the museum. So reserve about 2 months before going.
Once you’ve been to a couple of Natural History museums you’ve pretty much seen them all. This has the usual fossil and animal collections, but I’d say they’re very well organized and the exhibits seem designed with intent.

They have some really nice fossils although it’s hard to determine how many replicas they have instead of the real thing.

Their animal collection is also pretty good and the exhibits include plenty of useful information.

Definitely a good option if you have kids or you like nature. Safe to skip if you’ve been to more than one similar museums elsewhere.
Good place to go with children
jovonne's Tv
at 2023 Jul 24
jovonne's Tv
at 2023 Jul 24
It was amazing. Had so much fun with my friends there. If you don't know how to pose, the staff helps you so you can get that perfect picture! You only get 1 hour in the museum and some of the rooms we couldn't spend much time but other than that 10/10 highly recommend.
We could have easily spent the whole day here, but we only set aside 4 hrs, including the laser light show to finish! The butterfly room, the salt water pool, so many interactive items! The tinker room caught me by surprise. I could've spent a cpl hours in just that one space. Bring snacks as there is only a drink vending machine. No concessions.
This museum will always be a hit for me. I love the atmosphere and the amazing customer service. Only advice I give people is to buy your tickets in advance, especially on the weekends because they will sell out for their temporary exhibits. Also the lines on the weekends are huge so be prepared for that. The permanent exhibits are amazing and the food court is okay. We had the pleasure to see a movie in their planetarium called passport to the universe, the experience was lovely and something I definitely recommend if you get a chance to. Overall I always love the experience I get here!
at 2023 Jul 22
at 2023 Jul 22
We arrived after 2p as recommended on their website on a Friday and admissions was free. This is a great place to bring young kids of varying ages - lots of fun activities for them...and there are monitors/guides, places for adults/parents to watch, participate, take a rest at. There's a dining room, lockers, gift shop, rest rooms. Besides activities there is a gallery area and theater.
I came here with my 6 year old son and we had a blast. I've been to this museum many times prior, but it was his first time. He enjoyed a lot the exhibits, especially the dinosaur, aquatic and the insect exhibits. There's a lot to see here in the museum, especially considering the cost of entry, which I think is affordable for what they offer. All the exhibits offer a wealth of knowledge and the presentation is lovely.

We also did the butterfly exhibit which you have to pay extra for, but it was completely worth it. You're in a humidified environment surrounded by exotic butterflies. Do note that you can't directly touch them but they can/will land on you. I had one land on my nose, and one landed on my son (he wasn't too happy about that). Either way, it's something I highly suggest experiencing.

I recommend you visit if you're even slightly interested in the history of the world. And don't shy away from the idea of bringing children as there's plenty of entertainment for all ages.
My kids had a lot of fun here. We enjoyed all the exhibits and the featured Maya exhibit. The space shuttle endeavor is always cool to see. If you are look for a cheap thing to do with your kids this is a good option.
I'm an aerospace engineer so I'm biased but my non aerospace friends say that this is the best Smithsonian (better than the natural history museum). I definitely agree. Seeing the selection was awesome. It is still under renovation so half of the museum is closed. Would definitely go back when it is fully open. I just have to do the museum in VA
We flew in from Atlanta and stopped by here first and spent half the day. Lots to see and do. The films were interesting though sadly, some adults can't seem to put their phones away. The exhibits were clean and educational though some of the interactive stuff was broken. The cafe had vegan options!
Absolutely stellar museum. Honestly, the best natural science museum I have ever gone to. The Paleontology, Fossilized Wood, and Gem exhibits were our favorites; but the entire museum was incredible. The exhibits were large with a plethora to see and learn about.

I highly recommend getting there as soon the museum opens if you don't want to be stuck in crowds. We showed up at 9 and didn't encounter any crowds until we went to exit.
Very fun and unique experience for both kids and adults! It was $10 per adult and $8 for child 3+, children 2 and under were free. The building was very clean;multiple places to sanitize your hands and a designated washroom area. They have a gift shop and a movie theater. The movie theater was open at the time and they had a cartoon segment playing.

There are a lot of interactive activities you can do: giant walk wheel, see how high you can jump, how long you can hang, giant intestine for the kids to crawl through, mind games/puzzles, etc. If you really wanted to browse the place and do the activities, it’ll take about 1-2 hours of your time and with kids probably more.

The possibilities of discovery was endless! They even have a real time lab you can look in one. So many activities for younger children and even adults. I even saw infants having a good time. You can go in a group or even solo, and still have an enjoyable experience. My family enjoyed the museum and all its contents. Definitely worth visiting and having fun.
Pretty cool place, honestly would give it a 5 star but you have to spend a lot extra when entering to see some of the exhibits and I just am not a big fan of that. The place is very beautiful and well maintained though. Customer service was kinda garbage, definitely recommend on the city pass! The gem room was by far the coolest part of the museum I think.
We had a great experience, all four of the children we went with (ages 4, 8, 10, and 13) enjoyed themselves, as did the adults! There was lots to see and do, and I love all the interactive activities. Would recommend to anyone.
Minh Hien Lai
at 2023 Jul 11
Minh Hien Lai
at 2023 Jul 11
Fun experience to do. Museum was small, lots of interactive activities for kids. Make sure to check out the lab.
The only thing I can complain was that the AC was too cold. It was 100 degree outside and I was freezing inside.
It is an amazing museum for kids who are eager to learn new things. This museum is a full day visit there is lots of knowledge to grasp and one can learn about a lot of things here. I had a limited time, but would love to visit this place again and spend enough time in each section by going through all the information one by one. I personally liked the fossil lab , where you could actually see individuals cleaning the Fossils, drawing images of fossils. It was a really amazing experience overall. I wish I had more time.
I absolutely love the Hall of Science. I’ve been going there since I was a kid in primary school and I appreciate how much it’s changed over time. They always have fun new exhibits to try. There’s so much hands on learning for both kids and adults. I was just there a few weeks ago with my niece and was thoroughly impressed with the new section they have for toddlers. Lots of learning and lots of fun!
Josi Morales
at 2023 Jul 09
Josi Morales
at 2023 Jul 09
It is a real fabulous learning adventure for the whole family. The staff was there to assist, inform, and regulate the flow of traffic. The information was very well curated in its information and presentation.
L Han
at 2023 Jul 07
L Han
at 2023 Jul 07
A good place for kids to learn about their body as well as the germs.

Young kids can feel the difference of each body part, older kids have puzzles and lots of games to play and have fun.

That big heart is so cool!

Thursday after 5pm is free.
A museum continually adapting. The Natural History beautifully renovated the planetarium 20 years ago. It was cool to go as a kid but getting run down and the Rose Center was a flying-car level upgrade.

The Gilder Center is this generation’s renovation. It’s an architecturally engaging space; invites watching and reading about exhibits. A real level up for drawing visitors into exhibits.

The museum seems conscious of its history and maintains itself as an exhibition of how nature has been exhibited. Its famous dioramas are maintained very well. That they don’t feel out of place in a modern science museum is an achievement.

The Natural History and (across the park) the Met are great to take kids and people in town. They’re great to wander through and have a moment; remember visits as a kid; finding something new.

TIP: look up tickets online and visit on a weekday.
at 2023 Jul 06
at 2023 Jul 06
Wonderful place to take children. Very educational, even for adults. We went on a free admission day, Thursday, so it was packed. Very fun though!
One of my son’s favorite museums! We had timed tickets for 2 and arrived at 215. It was only a 10 min casual walk from the Hilton at L’Enfant Plaza. About half of the museum is closed for renovations so I didn’t expect to need much time. I was so wrong. We saw two 25 min films in the planetarium (arrive early and sit in the back, you’ll be looking straight up) and for 2 adults and a jr ticket with military discount it was a little over $40. That ended at 325, leaving us with 2 hours and we were rushing to try to get glimpses of each room and the biggest attractions. The cafe closed at 5 so I didn’t see that, but we went to the gift shop 15 min before closing and lemme tell you, and 530- they are pushing you out the door. Politely, but no exceptions. I definitely feel like we left with no regrets. But I’d probably skip the movie, or plan for at least 4 hours.
Arman S
at 2023 Jul 05
Arman S
at 2023 Jul 05
It was a very interesting and fun experience! There were lots of exhibits and there’s an explanation of how they work so you don’t walk away clueless as to how it works. I’d definitely recommend coming here!
We went to the Science Center as our day trip into Seattle and it is, hands down, the most enjoyable place I've been to in Seattle. They have a ton of small and large exhibits, a laser show, a planetarium, a tropical butterfly house, and a food court with a ton of enjoyable options!

We didn't go to a laser show, but we did visit the planetarium and butterfly house (along with all the exhibits!) and had a blast. I paid for four hours of parking thinking it would be more than enough and I was wrong because the time flew by. Would recommend 10/10. Shout out to Alec at the Planetarium and Ellis at the Butterfly house for being awesome folks!
I live in Brooklyn so it was a bit of a schlep to get here. I would say it was not worth the ~1 hr trip nor the $30 adult ticket price.

It very much seemed like an institution well past its heyday. A lot of the interactive digital exhibits were probably really cool 15 years ago but are now dated both in the technology they employ and the information they proffer. Many of the highlights were closed - the wind tunnel / scaffolding / touch tank / etc. - and so the remaining exhibits were super crowded.

A lot of the exhibitions are also paywalled behind separate ticketing, and all those special exhibits had big crowds / lines. Very cash-grabby especially on top of a pretty steep entrance fee.

One major highlight was the TRAINS!! those miniatures / dioramas were very cool and detailed. And because it's all about the past anyway, it was not outdated.

I wouldn't recommend coming on a raining Saturday either. It was packed!! Overall, it makes sense only on a random weekday with a 4 year old if you live close by.
VBaby baby
at 2023 Jul 02
VBaby baby
at 2023 Jul 02
We had such a great time. The museum was clean and interesting. The staff was very helpful full. My favorite part was when we got to go in the room with the endless hallway. Beautiful clouds. This was a quick but affordable experience. I would do it again. Age appropriate all can enjoy. Malachi made it very enjoyable. He really gave us clarity and added to our experience. 5/5!
A Stellar Experience at The New York Hall of Science!

Every now and then, you stumble upon a place that not only captivates your child's imagination, but yours too, and the New York Hall of Science is exactly that place. I'm delighted to award a full 5-star rating to this awe-inspiring institution - a treasure trove of knowledge and fun, skillfully interwoven.

From the moment we set foot in the building, we were met with a whirlwind of colors, sounds, and most importantly, excitement. This center for exploration and discovery is an ideal outing for children, combining the thrill of interactive play with the educational benefits of a museum, making learning science a captivating journey rather than just a subject in school.

What truly sets the New York Hall of Science apart is its ability to cater to children of all ages. The exhibits are thoughtfully designed to engage young minds, encouraging them to ask questions, hypothesize, and problem solve. They're not just observing science - they're doing it. The hands-on nature of the exhibits brought complex concepts to life, ensuring the kids learned while fully immersed in enjoyment.

I particularly want to highlight the staff who were exceptional in their commitment to creating a positive and instructive experience. Their patience and expertise were evident as they guided my children through different exhibits, answering their avalanche of questions with enthusiasm and kindness.

But it's not just about the exhibits - the New York Hall of Science goes above and beyond with their presentations and workshops. They are engaging, exciting, and more importantly, they make complex scientific concepts accessible to the younger audience. The Planetarium was a family favorite, leaving us all in awe of the cosmos.

Our visit to the New York Hall of Science was a day well spent - a day of endless discovery and wonderment that managed to entertain as much as it educated. It's a place where science comes alive for children and adults alike.

In a world where screens often rule, this gem provides a much-needed break, combining play with learning in the most wonderful way. If you're looking for a kid-friendly, educational, and engaging experience, look no further than the New York Hall of Science. We can't wait for our next visit!
This iconic institution is a treasure trove of knowledge, captivating exhibits, and a gateway to the wonders of our world and beyond. The exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History are thoughtfully curated, covering a wide range of disciplines including paleontology, anthropology, astronomy, biology, and more. Each section is meticulously designed to engage and educate visitors of all ages, making it a perfect destination for families, students, and enthusiasts alike.

One of the highlights of my visit was exploring the Hall of Dinosaurs, where life-size dinosaur skeletons transported me back millions of years. The level of detail and the immersive experience created within this exhibit were truly remarkable. It was a humbling experience to stand in the presence of these ancient giants and gain a deeper understanding of their existence.

Another captivating section was the Hall of Biodiversity, which showcased the incredible diversity of life on our planet. From intricate dioramas representing various ecosystems to interactive displays explaining the delicate balance of nature, this exhibit underscored the importance of conservation and our responsibility to protect the Earth's biodiversity.

To make the most of your visit, I recommend planning your time wisely, as the museum can be quite extensive. Be sure to check the museum's website for any temporary exhibits or special events happening during your visit, as they often provide additional opportunities for exploration and learning.
Doc Nitty
at 2023 Jun 24
Doc Nitty
at 2023 Jun 24
We enjoyed the whole experience last night. Found a parking spot on the street only 2 and half blocks away. The location is right in the mix of action. Lots of restaurants close to the museum. Great date night idea it encouraged interaction with your partner. The vibe in the neighborhood was very energetic, which definitely paired well with museum. And the staff was great from when I called to check the hours and availability; to even taking some pictures of us together.
This place was amazing. Definitely worth visiting with or without kids. Will say, I did walk out of the entire museum a little dizzy and light headed 🥴 but this was soo fun and worth it!!!
Neat facility that has plenty to offer to adults and kids! Admission is free but I’d recommend finding a nearby neighborhood street and park there. I can’t justify paying $15 for parking to go to a free museum. Overall, the facility offered unique displays, artifacts, and various zones/sections. Whether you’re an avid space enthusiast, biologist, or nature lover, there’s no shortage of things to see and do that will keep you here for hours!
I have been bringing my nephew and niece to this place for years, yet it never occurred to me to write a review until now. Today, I had the pleasure of taking my mom and niece along. One of the things that has always impressed me about this place is its fantastic laser show, which never fails to captivate the audience. Additionally, they offer a plethora of interactive activities that engage children and even make studying enjoyable. It's a perfect destination for young children, as it combines entertainment and education seamlessly.
Irish D
at 2023 Jun 02
Irish D
at 2023 Jun 02
They didn’t have signs which way is the entrance from the parking.
This is a place where once you visit you’d never go back ever again lol. It’s good that we went to check out tho.
This museum is just stunning. Sadly only half of it was open. The museum was extremely interactive. Weather your exploring the space capsules from the 20th century, taking photos of military jets, and feeling the vibration from a 1950s airliner the museum has something fun to offer for everyone. Seeing the cockpit of the 747 and all the planes on the wall made my jaw certainly drop. I loved seeing all of the planes from the early 1900s and seeing how we got to the modern aviation we have today. Great experience for everyone.
at 2023 May 27
at 2023 May 27
🍎For teachers that plan on visiting, below the review is our itinerary for the day!

One of my favorite museums- architecturally beautiful & well thought out. Great for elementary field trips as it’s just the right size for the allocated time.
•Recommend getting there once they open with a class. As several schools are booked simultaneously, families that visit during the school year/weekdays may want to arrive later between 1-2pm after large groups leave (especially with little ones but can call ahead to see)
• 3 floors with interactive stations, demonstrations and displays
•Makerspace is a student (& teacher) favorite downstairs where they can build a pinball game, dowel structures, LEGO bridges & experiment with other loose parts
•Students prefer the playground and have also enjoyed the 3-D IMAX films which run about 40 min. (Nice to end the trip with the film before boarding buses as it kept the group together after eating lunch)
•Clean cafe with respectful and kind staff; water bottle refill stations
•Make sure to complete a group survey after & they offer 2 free tickets to visit again!

10:00 Arrive & Check-In; place labeled lunches in large group bin (students kept water bottles)
10:10-12:00 Explore (w/ a snack break)
12-12:25 lunch
12:30 IMax or Playground
1:15 Bathrooms/Board Buses
Umar Mian
at 2023 May 01
Umar Mian
at 2023 May 01
Its smaller than expected, lab section was closed so entry price is not justified for just half a section. Other than that it was fun experiment for kids to discover the internal mechanisms of human body.
It was my first time attending the New York Auto Show with my bf. It was the best experience I ever had. Participated in several sweepstakes *hopefully I win.* My recommendation if you are on a date have brunch prior, the food court was expensive $9 for 1 Small Slice of pizza not the greatest.
So much fun, despite the crowds! Even though you book for a specific time, people are let in early, late, whenever. It was super crowded, and that made the whole place a sauna.

You can take pictures and video, and all the exhibits are interactive. It's a small space but well laid out. I did feel a little uncomfortable with the press of people, and not many were masked, so take that into consideration.

The gift shop was very mediocre, and while they had illusory pieces displayed, they weren't selling any!

Still, it was a great hour, and I recommend it, especially if you can go during a slow period.
at 2023 Apr 12
at 2023 Apr 12
Good for kids of all ages. Wide range of exhibits, tide pools to outer space, dinosaurs to musical instruments.

Book early, admission includes free tickets to a laser show or planetarium. On a weekend I expect the shows will be full.

Spent 4 hours there, if you spent time at some of the building stations, you could easily spend more.

Good upgrade from the children's museum when your kids are a bit older.

Butterfly habitat is especially nice on a cold winter day.
As a scientist, I love this place. There are many rooms interconnected with different body parts and senses, activities for think about, and temporary expos always great. You need to know it. Go!
The American Museum of Natural History in New York is an impressive museum that shows the diversity of life on earth. It has many interesting exhibits, such as the dinosaur skeletons, the animal dioramas, the meteorite collection and the Rose Center for Earth and Space with the Hayden Planetarium. The museum is very large and I would recommend allowing a day to see everything. I found the museum very educational and entertaining. It is a great experience for children and adults. Overall, the entrance fee is quite high. I would not recommend the museum's own restaurant in the basement. The quality and selection didn't convince me. In addition, the prices were much too high.
I was invited by a coworker and invited another coworker since our kids are all close in age. It was a lot of fun. Love the age range of appropriate activities and areas. My daughter really loved the hands on activities. Creating a bee and learning about pollination and building with toothpicks and marshmallows to see if had strong structure really kept her in engaged. The food was great with great options for parents and kids. I can't wait to go back when the weather gets warmer too.
Dale Staggers
at 2023 Mar 11
Dale Staggers
at 2023 Mar 11
My son, granddaughter, and I had the most amazing experience and so much fun. From learning about our bodies, the interactive games, to the awesome Cell Lab. This museum is very family friendly, well organized, and very clean, with an engaging and friendly staff.
I took my grand children. Computer was down so cashier didn't want us to miss the show so she let us watch & said we can pay after. Very commendable.
at 2023 Jan 29
at 2023 Jan 29
I came here many times, many years ago, and finally returned here on a Friday, which gives you free entrance. So amazing! Great experience, but many exhibits were closed.
Great place to go to learn and relax. Not too crowded, and the environment was peaceful and friendly. A few activities that looked interesting were closed when I was there.
The hands-on activities were great for children and adults. The design of the museum is spacious & there are a lot of hands-on experiences. Great for families and adults to bring their kids along for a day off while both are satisfied.

In the cafeteria, food and drinks are nothing special. Rated B for sanitation, be aware.

Parking is $12 in the lot. But you can find street parking for free!
Nbetzy Guzman
at 2022 Oct 11
Nbetzy Guzman
at 2022 Oct 11
We had such a successful, wonderful and educational field trip!! The students were able to learn so much about how their systems works and functions. The Museum is very clean and restrooms are close by. The Gift shop is great, full of fun things for parents to buy for kids and adults.
Decided to take the kids out to see Earth show at the theater and wow what a disappointment, especially after having been to the Vanderbilt planetarium out in center port, last week. The theater seems cool with the wide screen and you feel like it will be a real immersive experience but nope. The screen was faded, dark and blurry. We couldn’t tell what the heck was on screen. Add to that the sleepy music and off Scottish accented narration, it was a serious snooze fest. I can’t believe I spent $30 for the 3 of us to see that.
While the content might have been informational and interesting, the let down and lack of visual experience totally killed the visit. My kids midway were like “ I can’t see anything it’s so dark, and blurry…” Imagine you are losing your eyesight and are pretty much near the end of losing it all… that was the image on the screen. I kept thinking are my eyes this bad or is it really that bad?! Kids both said it was super blurry and hard to make anything out for them too. Total waste. I think the theater is broken and they should close it down for repairs. This is not how you collect money from your visitors.
Could be so much more. The sound system is less then adequate with noticeable distortion. The voices of the young folks on the taped 1/2 hour were like fingernails on a chalkboard. My expectations of the program were way to high. Typical corporate sponsored letdown. Could be so much more. Maybe they should hire a professional scientist to help correct to shortcomings.
AMAZING! That's all you really need to know about going here. They have everything you could ever imagine in Natural History in one place. Elephants, skeletons, dinosaurs, sparkling gems, animals from the depths of the oceans, historical artifacts, ice age humans and so much more! They also have an awesome store as well! Just go you won't be disappointed I promise!
The screen was very dim, hard to see. The bottom left 15% of the screen kept going black. There is a permanent dark area, looks like a circle and two lines that was very noticeable on the middle 1/3 of the screen. The show was supposedly 45 mins but it ended up only being barely 30 minutes - kind of a disappointment after the amount we spent to see it.
It is a good place with nice staff who cares about you. Good learning movies. Last time it was very cold inside, probably broken heat but still we like it a lot. As well as the museum. Kids any age enjoy the museum and the planetarium.
My kids love this place. I also had great experience watching the shows in the Planetarium :)