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A great learning oppurtunity awaits all who wonder into this museum. Many informative plaques and displays. They even have a interactive house showcasing what it could have been like in a house during the battle of Gettysburg. I met the director Andrew Dalton very kind and knowledgeable.
This museum offers lectures, exhibits, etc, but my favorite aspect is the Virginia Journey's Member Travel Program. My aunt gifted me a membership in 2021, and I find it a great way to travel to destinations that I might not think of going to on my own. The trips are very informative. My first trip was the Biltmore in Asheville, NC, and it was great! With knowledgeable, courteous, and organized coordinators such as Cathy Boe and Elizabeth Darling, you'll be glad you joined!
If you are doing research here, arrive at 9 am when they open. You need to get a researcher card on the first floor, then leave anything not allowed in the research rooms downstairs in a locker, then you will go up to the second floor to start research and start the process for requesting documents to be pulled. It could take an hour just for your documents to be pulled, since some records need to be reviewed before they can be released to researchers.

My request took about an hour to be pulled. The staff were very friendly and helpful, and assisted me in pulling the documents I needed.

I highly recommend bringing a scanner or scanning your documents with an app on your phone, since they only have blue paper for their copiers.

Cafeteria's prices are pretty fair for what you get, the cafeteria employees were very courteous.
This place is 5 stars all the way! They do an excellent job interpreting the states history. Everything was laid out really well. They also have a cafe and a gift shop.

Down to the logistics. I have severely limited mobility and depend on an electric scooter to get around. This place was extremely accessible. There are bathrooms on the first and second floor. My only complaint is that there is a walk in family/handicap bathroom on the first floor only. There are standard men and women’s bathroom on the second floor.

There are benches all throughout the museum. All of the displays are easy to see and read. The staff are scattered around and are very helpful.

The cafe had a limited menu but what we had was good. I got a premade ham and Swiss sandwich which was really good. We also got ice cream sandwiches which were really good.

Overall we spent over 3 hours there and honestly rushed through and skimmed the last room. We could’ve easily spent 4 hours visiting. There is an elevator to help those with limited mobility navigate the museum.

We came to this area from south Jersey just to see this museum and it was well worth it. I really enjoyed it.
Adams County Historical Society has impressed me every time I’ve gone. They opened their doors with Beyond The Battlefield and we bought tickets as soon as they opened. It was an amazing experience and the rest of the museum had an enormous amount of history and information to absorb. We returned this past weekend for the Gettysburg Movie 30th Anniversary and their execution of the event was flawless. Even any snags had happy endings. If you are in the area, stop in! You might even get to see some of the amazing Battlefield Guides; Tim and Garry! Both wonderful at what they do and so knowledgeable!
The museum sponsored by the Adams County Historical Society gives a detailed history of Gettysburg and the surrounding area. It starts off with the dinosaur period and works up to present time. There are a lot of neat artifacts from each time period. For example, the museum has some of Dwight Eisenhower's golf clubs on display. There are many other artifacts from other prominent people from Adams county. Great place to visit while visiting Gettysburg battlefield 👍
We went to the NASA Exhibit and really enjoyed it! Highly recommended.
This is an excellent history museum. It’s well designed with a variety of subjects, from Pre-history to recent events. It doesn’t shy away from showing both the good and bad history of Virginia. The displays are extremely well set up with a good balance of objects and text. I applaud the curators for putting together an excellent collection.
I visited on September 23rd. I love the new museum! It has a great flow to it. Exhibits are easy to read. And there is so much great information on Adams County we would not normally be exposed to anywhere else. Congratulations Andrew and Tim!
Wonderful museum. Very informative and the staff are very helpful and engaging. You have to experience the "Caught in the crossfire" exhibit. Really brings it home to you what every day people went through when caught in the middle of the conflict ..very unnerving..We were very impressed and donated some family items related to Adam's county history. We will most definitely be back.
The Beyond The Battle mesueam is so worth the time!!! Very moving exhibition where tog can sit in a home like the people of Gettysburg and how they endured the fighting. Very moving. All the other items are very informative about the rocks, the Indians that settled the area and the first settlers to Adam's County. Anyone interested in history needs to go! The price is really affordable!
It was a super cool experience seeing the national Archives. My only complaint is the rotunda is a bit unorganized. A line naturally formed for guests to walk around and see all the documents but the staff encouraged people to just walk up to whatever section they wanted to see if there was an opening. It led to some agitation from the other guests and made it a bit unorganized.
at 2023 Aug 08
at 2023 Aug 08
The National Archives Museum is an exceptional institution that offers a captivating journey through history. From the moment you step inside, you're greeted with an awe-inspiring collection of documents, artifacts, and exhibits that tell the story of our nation's past. The meticulously curated displays provide a deep insight into pivotal moments, personalities, and events that have shaped our country.

Walking through the museum is like traveling through time, as you encounter original copies of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and other foundational documents. The attention to detail in preserving and presenting these historical treasures is truly commendable.

One of the museum's greatest strengths is its ability to make history come alive. Interactive exhibits, multimedia presentations, and immersive experiences engage visitors of all ages, making learning about history an enjoyable and enlightening adventure. The knowledgeable staff members are always ready to answer questions and provide context, enhancing the overall educational experience.

The National Archives Museum also stands as a symbol of the importance of transparency, accountability, and the preservation of democratic values. It serves as a reminder of the sacrifices and struggles that have led to the freedoms we cherish today.

In conclusion, the National Archives Museum is a must-visit destination for anyone with an appreciation for history, culture, and the foundations of our nation. Its meticulous curation, interactive displays, and profound significance make it a truly remarkable and enriching experience for visitors from all walks of life.
The National Archives Museum houses vital documents of American history, like the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Its exhibits illuminate the nation's past, showcasing the evolution of democracy and the preservation of essential records. A must-visit for those seeking insights into the foundation of the United States.
Rodrigo De Luna
at 2023 Jul 25
Rodrigo De Luna
at 2023 Jul 25
The gardens are beautiful. I wouldn’t really go out of my way to visit this place though, but if you’re close in Georgetown you can kill some time here.

Make sure to use bug spray, especially if you’re wearing short sleeves or shorts, or the mosquitos will absolutely devour you.
Anne H
at 2023 Jul 22
Anne H
at 2023 Jul 22
Did a skip the line tour by Babylon Tours and it was fantastic. Not only did we skip the line, but learned so much. Do a tour if you can, totally makes everything more meaningful! Seeing the Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence and Constitution was very inspiring.
al leclaire
at 2023 Jul 20
al leclaire
at 2023 Jul 20
Exquisite museum. The house and grounds are wonderful. Don't need a lot of time investment but we'll worth the trip.
National Archives Museum is great for anyone who loves history and reads! This museum does not allow any photos at all! Security will kindly ask you not to take photos. Reading the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution was amazing. This particular room is obviously very crowded, so be patient. You could spend as much or as little time in here as you want, depending on how fast of a reader you are. Some exhibits are closed for renovations. If you collect national stamps and have a passport stamp book, they will stamp your book. This was a bit tricky to find, so i will let you in on where to get your stamp. As you enter through security, ask the guard. They will stamp it as you enter. The stamp is unique only to the National Archives Museum
Some of the greatest national treasures, including the original Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and Constitution, in a viewing rotunda under highly protective displays and viewing conditions. No pictures allowed around these sensitive documents. The viewing situation is a little different as there are single in and out lines per every page, instead of the typical clockwise rotation, this seems to confuse the crowd. A hybrid line would work better with a line for each group of documents, so that you can continously go page by page in the set, without starting at the back of the line to see the next page. Overall, it's a good setup and worth the visit. It's so nice that the public has free access to view these momentous documents.
Big and beautiful museum. Very informative.
If you visit three things while in DC… this is the first place you should visit. To see the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of rights was so great. Words can’t truly express my feelings how powerful they are.

Consider being a member and make a donation to the National Archives. That’s what we did. You skip the normal waits in line and have a separate entrance. Arrive about 30 minutes before it opens.
Great exhibits, beautiful space, friendly staff, historically balanced. We should have come years ago but look forward to returning.
Lived up to the hype of offering the view and perspective frequently overlooked of that of the people of the town of Gettysburg before, during and after the battle. They don't miss on much of anything here giving pretty much an entire history of the area since the beginning of time. There was a super helpful gentleman there who I believe to be a historian of the area. Never got his name but as I left there right at closing time I started walking the battlefield across the street and he went out of his way to drive after me and give me a map and pointer on where to visit on that end of the battlefield. THANK YOU to both him and the ACHS!!
The National Archives of New York City is a significant repository of historical documents, photographs, records, and artifacts that offer a wealth of information about the city's rich history. As a resource for researchers, historians, and anyone interested in exploring the past, it provides a valuable and engaging experience. Here's a review based on its collection, accessibility, staff, and visitor experience:

The National Archives of New York City houses an extensive collection of documents, photographs, maps, and other archival materials that cover a broad range of topics related to the city's history. Whether you're interested in immigration, local politics, urban development, or cultural movements, you'll likely find relevant resources within their vast holdings. The collection is carefully curated and cataloged, making it relatively easy to navigate and locate specific items of interest.

The Archives strive to make their materials accessible to the public, researchers, and scholars alike. While certain materials may be restricted due to their fragile condition or privacy concerns, a significant portion of the collection is available for public use. Visitors can access the Archives by appointment, and the staff is usually helpful in guiding users through the research process and providing assistance when needed.

The knowledgeable and dedicated staff at the National Archives of New York City play a crucial role in creating a positive visitor experience. They possess a deep understanding of the collection and are adept at guiding researchers through their search. The archivists are often available to answer questions, provide contextual information, and offer recommendations based on individual research interests. Their expertise greatly enhances the overall research experience and ensures that visitors can make the most of their time at the Archives.

Visitor Experience:
Visiting the National Archives of New York City offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the city's past. Whether you are a researcher, historian, or simply curious about the history of New York, the Archives provide a captivating experience. The atmosphere is conducive to focused study and exploration, and the quiet and organized reading rooms allow for concentrated research. The ability to handle original documents and immerse oneself in primary sources adds a tangible and authentic element to the research process.

It's important to note that the National Archives of New York City primarily caters to researchers and individuals with specific interests in the history of New York. While it may not offer the same broad appeal as a traditional museum, it serves as an invaluable resource for those seeking in-depth knowledge and a deeper understanding of the city's past.

In conclusion, the National Archives of New York City stands as a remarkable institution, housing a wealth of historical treasures and providing a valuable resource for researchers and historians. With its accessible collection, helpful staff, and engaging visitor experience, it offers an enriching opportunity to explore and delve into the vibrant history of New York City.
Have visited twice. Such a different, wonderful perspective on the local history. Things that are not often taught to kids.Greeted by multiple staff upon arrival. We had our 10 yr. Old niece and she was invited to do a scavenger hunt with the chance to receive a small token reward. That was a cute incentive and worked. She enjoyed and asked questions throughout. The room you enter to learn the sense of what it was like during the battle for a family is really great !! I personally like the old documents and bibles of the first settlers.
Will recommend visiting to any that inquire.
Cost was $10, and allows re-entry if you leave for lunch.
All was well except finding the path there if you come from the direction of Virginia museum of fine arts. But that was just me. A bit dark lighting but other than that it was a great experience. Plus the audios in the space section played over each other so you could barely hear either properly.
Otto Khera
at 2023 Jun 02
Otto Khera
at 2023 Jun 02
Super cool trees on a former estate held by Martha Washington. Slaves were there then and this is acknowledged. Nice getaway from the noisier parts of Georgetown that is increasingly overrun by noisy, big, dangerous SUVs and the nearly same description of the drivers.
Don Malnati
at 2023 May 29
Don Malnati
at 2023 May 29
If you are interested in history, this would be a great place to come. The property was first purchased buy one of George Washington's granddaughters using an inheritance fund from George Washington. Inside the house there are many historic paintings and items, including many formerly owned by George Washington from Mount Vernon. The grounds are lovely and are free to walk about. Entrance to the house in a tour are inexpensive. We spent a nice afternoon here!
Jessalyn Wing
at 2023 May 23
Jessalyn Wing
at 2023 May 23
Absolutely gorgeous. I came too late to be able to tour the house, but I was still able to walk the gardens, which I was pleasantly surprised to find out was free! Through the gardens, you're able to walk through a gorgeous dale, by water fountains, gazebos, see the garage with a very old car, and even where they keep bees! There's multiple signs to identify the plants and to give little tidbits of history. The garden is just big enough that one would be able to do it on a lunch break. If you get the chance, check this place out! I even saw people lounging on blankets so it seems like a great place for a picnic!
One of my favorite history museums! Love the wealth of information they present in such carefully crafted, aesthetically pleasing displays.
at 2023 Apr 21
at 2023 Apr 21
I sort of stumbled on this gem - and ended up spending 3 hours there. The guided tour of the house is a mine of fascinating information about the family who owned the house for over 100 years and their connections with George and Martha Washington. Exquisite furnishings, architecture and objects of art. Then the smallish gardens are a journey of discovery, with hidden corners and vistas. A quiet haven in the midst of Georgetown. Gardens are free and the tour asks for a $10 donation.
Jana Millard
at 2023 Mar 30
Jana Millard
at 2023 Mar 30
Went midday late March 2023. Gardens not in full boom but still very well maintained and beautiful. Thank you to all the grounds keepers! Tour was awesome and educational. So much to see and guide was very knowledgeable and present. Very glad I made the trip.
The rotunda stores the original Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. The rest of the archives and exhibits are great. A few sections was closed when we visited so I feel like we had an incomplete visit.
I loved the place! The only thing is there is no line controll. I think there should be seeing how somepeople stay hovering over artifacts for over 20 minutes. Some people just walk right past the line and cut in to look over your shoulder, which to me is a little to close for comfort. All in all a beautiful place. Very clean and the staff was nice. I'd definitely go back on a weekday. You can NOT take pictures once you get inside. It is free to get in down a side entrance.
Victoria O'Tool
at 2022 Jul 14
Victoria O'Tool
at 2022 Jul 14
This is such a fantastic and history filled place in Georgetown. It is definitely worth the visit! The tour guide was super knowledgeable and friendly, and I really enjoyed the tour.

The house was full of history, and there were many stories to go along with the pieces inside.

The gardens were BEAUTIFUL as well, but it was raining when I visited, so that was a little sad. Be aware the brick 🧱 walkways are VERY slippery when it’s raining.

I would definitely get the tour if you decide to go here. Tickets can be found on their website.

Check this place out! It’s worth seeing!
Awesome museum! Very clean and well thought out. I love the history video they play. The projector/theater is amazing. So many things to look at and love learning about history.
I never realized what a national treasure The National Archives is...
A friend from the Philippines shared a story about a relative helping the allies in WWII....we were able to trace a photo of the relative from National Archives records....learned so much about the "back story" of the Philippines impact/importance from declassified records...simply amazing.
Helpful staff...
Be prepared for high security (understandably so)...
Took the shuttle from the downtown Archives building...
Worth at least one visit to celebrate US history. See the Declaration of Independence, constitution, and bill of rights. Room is dark and cold to help with preservation. No photos allowed at all. Entry was simple enough once I found it and staff was quiet but helpful.
Nice gothic churc
I Needed a large print from Cartographic at College Park yesterday. Marie Albanese and Catharine Maciejewski could not have been more helpful. They made it way easier than it otherwise could have been.
Washington DC is a land of museums. You have a lot of places to visit in DC which has a huge number of historical archives. This was one such place with a lot of artifact's to see. One would need around half a day to cover this place, that too if you do it in a hurry. The place has so many sculptures and paintings, including Ginevra de benci the only paining of Leonardo da Vinci in the United States of America.
Great for all ages, courteous, full exciting, never gets old..we love it...love it
An impressive building which was made to preserve the national documents. In the exhibition, you can see The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. Congratulations to the staff and curators for such an impressive place. I recommend it.
In reality, you could make a very quick trip here and only see the most important things here--The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. With a bit more time, there are other exhibits to see, especially if you are interested in the archiving process and what gets stored in the National Archives. For families with younger children the Boeing Learning Center is a nice place with activities and hands-on materials. The staff there are keen to explain things and are clearly devoted to their vocations.
Classic architecture inside & out . Located right at the edge of the city in the midst of many other attractions easy 2 locate very accessible very interesting if your into this sorta thing but very informative definitely eye candy for the artful eyes you cant go wrong !
They have many great things including stuff from the past to what they are now today plus it helps to study your history including the kids too, so come on down to learn what you know about the histories from the past to today with friends and families.
One of the greatest museums i have ever visited, it's include several sections and departments sush as the big whole and the national American archives and the native art department, a greet journey and deserve 6* if you like the museums visit
Historic building housing the National Archives (restricted) and the National Museum of American Indians.
Employees need to calm down, the rudest federal employees I have ever encountered. The women on the microfilm floor are wonderful. I hope I never have to drive 800 miles to be treated so rudely.
A great facility where the people who work here go out of their way to assist you in your research projects. Be advised that it is a good idea to go to the web site and read carefully the items that are not allowed and how to get registered when you get there. I will be returning and am ready to continue my research.
Considering that the place is free, it provides an amazing experience. You can see the originals of American Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and Constitution all within 15 minutes, if you have planned your route. There are other interesting exhibits, but these three are highlights and definitely worth a visit.
You have to take 10 to 15 minutes to register and then they will issue you a card that will be valid for a year. It has 6 floors, the 2nd floor being one of the biggest. Their media comes in all forms such as microfilm, newspapers, dvds, and maps. I believe there are 46 stacks located within the building, and they have a outside reading area as well.
Helpful staff. For those who have not visited before here is some helpful info:

Arrive 15 minutes early so you have time to register (fill out 1 page, review a presentation for new users) and put your stuff in a locker (many things aren't allowed in the research rooms).

Bring a quarter for the locker!

They list "pull times" on the website. You need to have your pull request in before this time for your request to be filled with that pull group. It will take some time for you to fill out the pull request unless you know exactly where you documents are located. If you don't already have this info, then arrive all the more earlier if you have a pull time you are aiming for.

They attempt to have all records pulled within an hour of the pull time.

Have fun!
Closed but a great site to see. It was a shame that this was closed but the building itself is an incredible piece of work in itself.
Cool art space in Jersey City out of a renovated Cigarette Factory. Probably the best art space outside Jersey City Downtown. People do come far away from this neighborhood. Tours are arranged and it was clear. I think they are closed to public on weekends , that is the only negative i feel about it.
Excellent place to find old documents. Some of the people in the research room need to calm down a bit and remember that not everyone is a trained academic, and anyway their system sucks so much it would be difficult for anyone to follow. Most of the workers are friendly and helpful though.
What an amazing place. Though the entrance is a little confusing. It was surreal to actually see The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights with my own eyes. I wish we'd had more time to explore. Loved the gift shop
The National Archives NYC is housed in the Alexander Hamilton Custom House in historically lower Manhattan. The National Museum of American Indian is also in the same building and makes for a beautiful field trip experience. I took 30 8th-graders and they were so engaged I could scarcely tear them away for lunch. The Archives educator, Chris Zarr, was amazing! We plan to return this school year.
Great historical stop. Worth the time.
One of the best-and free-museums in the USA. Come see it!
Nice view into the Smithsonian history but kind of a small museum.
I love the fact that DC museums do not charge for entrance fees to any of their museums not do they have a suggested donation like New York museums. So much history here. I love these treasures!
This is a post to let people know that this is the archives for the Smithsonian. It is NOT the Archives (located north of the Mall) where you'll find the U.S. Constitution. It is NOT the red building people call "The Castle," located on The Mall. It's not a museum, but the place to learn about the Institution called "The Smithsonian."
the best archives in Dc.
My favorite museum/gallery in NYC, with frequently new photography exhorts.
Lunch was not the best