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Maguro Spot
2024 Apr 25
Maguro Spot has excellent prices given the location two blocks from the beach. For $12 you get a solid serving of poke, and as of April 2024, there's even a $5 salmon teriyaki with white rice option. However, that's about where the pros end. The place is tiny with no indoor seating and only a few outdoor spots. That's fine as long as it's not raining. The fish cuts snd sauces are pretty average. You can get similar poke for a couple of bucks more but with a huge flavor increase. You can easily tell the difference between fish here and those better providers. Stop by if you're in the area, but go a few blocks out for better poke.
Museo de Arte Popular
2024 Mar 19
This is one of the most underrated museums in Mexico City! It's a celebration of folk and art culture in art. You'll find four floors full of sculptures, paper mache, wood work, jewelry, and clothing. It's a beautiful display of color and creativity. Sometimes there are even free performances on the main lobby. There's a gift shop, and entrance is free on Sundays! It's a must visit.
Consettur Bus Ticket
2024 Mar 04
This is where you buy a ticket for the bus up to or down from Machu Picchu. My photos with prices and info are from March 2024 for reference. You'll see signs with big red BUS TICKET lettering directing you to this office on the neighboring main street. Buy a ticket here in person instead of online because it's way easier. If you don't buy a bus ticket here then you're walking yourself all the way.

Bring your ORIGINAL passport to buy a ticket! You have an option to buy a ticket only going up, only going down, or both. It's $24 for a round trip ticket but only half that is you just purchase an up ticket and enjoy your walk back downhill from Machu Picchu. The bus tickets they print you will be for a specific route (up, down, both) on a specific day, but not for a specific bus. You'll be able to jump on any open bus for your trip to Machu Picchu or back to town.

All the negative reviews are valid - this is a monopoly service, it's annoying they scan your passport, etc. However, it's not as if these are terrible people are the help desk. They're friendly, speak decent English, and the lines moves fairly well when the counter is full of staff.
MachuQolqa Viewpoint
2024 Mar 04
This is a free view point to visit. If you're taking a bus from Cusco to Ollantaytambo you'll take a ten minute break here. Ziplining is available at this location. Many vendors will be trying to sell you trinkets, clothing, and souvenirs. It's a great spot to appreciate the views and take photos.
2024 Feb 12
This place makes such a good sandwich! Seriously, it's the best sandwich I had in Argentina while traveling for weeks. I come from Texas which knows it's meats, and these guys use sausage in such a wonderful way that I wish I could return for another! The flavors are perfectly balance between savory, salty, sweet, and smokey. The garnishes like garlic mayo and orange reductions are great additions. Prices are a steal at $5 a sandwich, but the $4 fries are a touch steep on price. They will get busy so try going outside if generic lunch or dinner hours. Indoor and outdoor seating is available but stick to the inside to avoid bad or hot weather. Free Wi-Fi is available and credit card is accepted.