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Anthony R

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2024 May 08
Had a night cap at Spruzzo, which is the restaurant / lounge on the top floor of the Ben hotel. The atmosphere here is outstanding, and the service at the bar was great tonight. This is an excellent spot to grab drinks after work. The breeze up here at night is great!
Proper Grit
2024 May 07
Staying at the Ben and stopped by Proper Grit in the lobby area for a drink before dinner. The restaurant's decor is beautiful. The service at the bar was great, so was the happy hour special, which lasts until 3pm to 6pm.
This is our first trip to Solitude, and we are having an awesome experience. Every time we visited this side of the Utah mountain range, we've always headed over to Alta and Snowbird. I'm so glad we tried the resorts in Big Cottonwood Canyon this time, as both Solitude and Brighton are amazing as well.

We loved the tree skiing at Solitude. The Honeycomb Canyon section of the mountain was our favorite, but it is kind of a pain to lap. The other thing to keep in mind is that it's very easy to ski back and forth from Solitude to Brighton. So the play is to stay in Solitude village and ski both resorts.
Avenue One Restaurant
2024 Mar 03
We did a take out order at the Avenue One Resturant located within the Hyatt Regency Boston. The service at the bar was outstanding, and the take out food was solid. They promote the New England style clam chowder as being award winning. I don't know if that is true or not, but I will say that the chowder is darn good!
Artisan Bistro
2024 Mar 02
Stopped by the Artisan Bistro for some takeout to the room. I had an amazing experience both at the bar area while waiting for the food and with the taste and quality of the meals brought back as well. We couldn't recommend this establishment highly enough. Both the food and service were welcoming and fantastic, and the pastries were out of this world!