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Anthony R

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William Poll
2024 Feb 10
William Poll, which has been around for over 100 years, makes the most fantastic gourmet sandwiches in New York City, in my opinion. They are great to take to parties, very tasty, and make quite an impression with everyone. William Poll is famous for its chips and baked goods, too. There is a reason why this business has been around so long. I highly recommend it here!
Brasserie Cognac 70th
2023 Nov 30
Had lunch at Brasserie Cognac, and the experience was very nice. This is a good Upper East Side restaurant that was absolutely packed when we visited for a weekday lunch. The food was solid, and the service was outstanding during our visit. This is a very nice neighborhood restaurant / French Bistro.
Peter Luger is a world-famous restaurant that many steakhouses have spun off from over the years. While the original restaurant is in Brooklyn, we visited the Great Neck location and had a wonderful overall experience. Peter Luger is known for their steak sauce, and aside from Wolfgang's sauce, which I like slightly better, Lugar's is the best steak sauce that I have ever had. They also have wonderful desserts. Needless to say, we all had a great time!
Tenzan Columbus Ave
2023 Nov 13
Tenzan, on the Upper West Side, has been a Japanese cuisine staple for nearly 20 years. The sushi, for the most part, has always been solid, and the service is both respectful and great. We have dined here dozens of times over the years. This establishment is definitely one of the better mid-tier Japanese restaurants in the area.
Osteria La Baia
2023 Oct 31
Update.....Just had lunch here. The pre-fix lunch menu was priced reasonably. The food was excellent. I would highly recommend Osteria La Baia and will add it to my go-to list in Midtown.....

Osteria La Baia is a beautiful northern Italian restaurant located within the heart of Midtown. While I only stopped by for a cappuccino one late afternoon, I was very impressed with the beauty of this restaurant inside and out along with the with the variety they have on the menu. I will definitely be returning next time for a full meal, be it lunch or dinner.