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Leonardo Torres

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Ramen Goku
2024 Jan 26
If possible it would be best to be here for their lunch special as one can sample as much of their offerings. With it's close proximity to the Empire State Building and the neighborhood of Murray Hill this place is easily accessible.

The edamame was a nice start and while the skin is edible it's best to remove the skin which was easy. A bowl to discard the skins are provided to the consumer.

The octopus takoyaki was tasty and hot. It might be a good idea to take a small bite of the dumpling to let some of the heat out unless one wishes to scream "KAME-HAME-HA!" loudly in pain.

Finally the spicy Tokotsu Ramen had a rich broth the the pork was quite tender. It's not so spicy that one might grunting in pain that one's hair turns blond while one's eyes turn green, but has sufficient heat.

There is a restroom in the premises but it's somewhat claustrophobic.

Ovarall I would say in lieu of 5 stars this place is Super-Saiyan 5.
Naruto Ramen
2023 Nov 21
While I'm more used to ordering the Naruto ramen at their location on the Upper West Side, the miso ramen was a nice change of pace. This is also a budget friendly place just like the other location crosstown.

As good as the food was, this location is much smaller than their location on the Upper West Side and that place is small. It might be better to order take out.
2023 Nov 08
The Adjaruli Khachapuri was fantastic. Be prepared to wait around 10 to 20 minutes for the khachapuri to be served. I didn't see a restroom and the seating is limited but the service was great and take out is made easy.
33 St
2023 Oct 27
It's a local stop for the 6 train (sometimes the 4 train) in Midtown Manhattan.
36 St
2023 Oct 26
It's a nice local stop with some notable attractions nearby such as Kauffman Studios.