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2023 November 4★
If you've never tried okonomiyaki (a Japanese pancake made with flour, egg, milk, chopped cabbage, green onion and pickled ginger topped with okonomiyaki sauce and homemade mayo), this is the place in downtown Toronto to do so. With a long history within the community, this restaurant continues to have that nostalgic feel. Authentically Japanese.
Seating for about 18 people. No reservations. First come first served.

Squid $13.25
Scallop $14.35
Aonori & Katsuobushi (Dried seaweed & Bonito Flakes) + $0.50
Both taste similar and in fact, look similar. The okonomiyaki itself was a bit denser and flatter than originally thought given I recently had it in Japan. None the less still pretty good and in its own style. Soft texture with a sweet taste.

Yakisoba $15.90
Japanese style stir-fried noodles with chicken, beef, shrimp and vegetables served with steamed rice.
This was surprisingly pretty good. Though it just looks like stir fry noodles, it's mixed in with their sweet sauce.

Street parking.
Expect a wait during the busy hours.
Bramalea City Centre
2023 Oct 22
2023 October 3★
A two story shopping center with a few anchor stores including the supermarket within the same plaza.
Inside, it feels like there are segmented districts one with an older feel (near the Tim's) and newer feel.

It's ok. Lots of people at times.
Universal Globe
2023 Oct 10
2023 September 4★
Come on folks! A spinning ball!!! What more could you love?
Spells out universal but only the earth?
Certainly worth a selfie shot if you're in Japan!

Pros: it's a big ball.
Smoke/mist comes out.
It spins

Cons: it's not universal enough.
Can't play with the ball.

Still cool to visit.
Plaza Premium Lounge
2023 Sep 17
2023 August 2.5★
Going downstairs to this premium lounge, you'll find this to be a small place. With about seating for up to 50 or so.
This lounge is open 11pm-8am. At 6:30am, the food was available, but the pancake machine wasn't working.

Cold sandwiches

A bit crowded
Internet is slow
2023 August 3★
A smaller space museum than expected. With the first floor being exhibits and half of the second also exhibits. There other half of the second floor is a movie theater. It's OK.
You'll find most people crowded on b the first floor near the end where most of the interactive exhibits are. Though nothing special, there's still a line up during the usual busy days.

Get a family pass for $100 HKD and visit a few museums for free including this one.