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I gave them a 5 star review immediately after installation. I later asked about the odor still remaining. I was ghosted. Fast-forward to a week ago. He got back to me on now to bypass the system. I told him I needed the unit removed. (When I was sold the system, I was told that they move it for free if you move. I am not moving so I offered to pay for service. He texted me a few times telling me he would call me shortly. He never did. He also promised 1 free yearly service. I never received that either. I have all of the texts from the first moment we spoke until now.

He will give you promises and attention and then ghost you if your experience is like mine.
Ben was great! He came out to look at a water filter and gave me multiple affordable options to replace it with. If you are looking for someone who cares about their customers, this is the company for you!
Clean drinking water for humans AND pets. Great!
I loved this space in Central Park. It has shaded areas as well as space in the sun. It's a great place for a picnic and bring your canine friends to.
It pairs a tried and tested design,
With a touch of old-fashioned, so fine.
A fusion of styles, both old and new,
Makes this fountain a refreshing view.
Not the cleanest, but it’s free water in New York!🤣
best water in town 10/10
idk why this is a location on google maps but its pretty convenient
The water was an appropriate temperature.
A great place to gather under the shades and relax alone or have a great time with friends
Johannes Siegele
at 2022 Jul 09
Johannes Siegele
at 2022 Jul 09
Nice water station. Water is not the best here.
Good water station for runners. Water taste is ok
I a Native New Yorker
Proud of monument
good soup 👌
Water flow is only moderate coming from this fountain
Truly the best water in Brooklyn. There is a rumor that all of the bagels in Brooklyn are made from the water at this specific fountain and let me tell you. After trying this today I can confirm it’s purity. The blood of Christ, cannot compare. From this day forward I will bless others with knowledge of the mccarren park water fountain.
Nice water
Nice antique
Well maybe they should put a blue light there
Amazing experience!! Saved our day!!
Great location. Water is cold and filtered, very tasty. We appreciate the bottle refill part to avoid germs etc. 5/5 would drink from again.
at 2019 Apr 11
at 2019 Apr 11
Convenient, clean fresh water fountain. Enough said.
This is a plaque dedicated to the site of the first fountain in 1842. This was the site of the first dependable water supply in New York City. It was supplied by water from the Croton Aquaduct. This plaque is easy to miss as it is placed in the footpath as you walk towards the Wall Street exit from the main fountain in the park.